Pocket RPG iPhone Edition Review: New Role Playing Game to Sink Hours and Hours into

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Rating: ★★★★☆

Pocket RPG iPhone Edition Review: The game is just that – a pocket-sized role-playing game that has all the elements that make the genre fun.

Choose between a Dark Ranger, Blade Master, or Battle Mage for your character; each has a different style of play. The Dark Ranger, for instance, is an archer that begins his quest in an icy land just outside the ruins of castle that appears to have been freshly destroyed. The defeated guards warn you of the creatures nearby and it doesn’t take long to encounter slimy opponents with which to learn your skills.

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The difficulty grows throughout the game and requires strategy as well as brute force. There are plenty of looting opportunities to help your progression when not engaged in battle. You will need to have gold to buy better equipment and train in new skills if you want to continue to progress. The opponents get bigger, badder, and quicker, and so must you. Learning how to engage your opponents, which weapon to choose, and deploying them effectively takes expertise that only comes through experience.

The on-screen joystick controls take a bit to master. They seem a bit touchy and easy to get confounded with. A bit of practice and the control gets better, but with the small size of the iPhone screen, it seemed to remain a problem. My fingers always seemed to slide their way off the control area. Switching to the iPad made it much easier. This game is not designed for the iPad (there’s another version that is), and at 2x the graphics were not at their best (but not bad), but the text was much easier to read and the joysticks much easier to control.

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The music is appropriately epic and majestic for this type of game. And the graphics are nice and crisp, and pleasantly medieval. Some of the cut scene 3D animations are quite impressive. More of those would be nice. From time to time, the viewing angle can be awkward depending on the setting, but in general it provides a good panorama.

If you enjoy role-playing games, Pocket RPG for the iPhone {$.99} has all the elements you’re familiar with. It holds true to the genre in setting, lore, and interface. This one seems more of a challenge than most, which can make it just the game to sink hours and hours into.
Pocket RPG iPhone Edition - Crescent Moon Games

  • Full-featured RPG including quests, inventory, bosses, etc.
  • Game Center compatible for tracking achievements and leader boards
  • Defeating monsters will require you to build both skills and inventory


  • Not meant for the iPad, but it might work best there as both the controls and text are more accessible (there is a separate iPad-specific app)



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