Plates! for iPhone. Smashing Good Fun with a Splash of Sauce

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Plates! Rating: ★★★½☆

When I first received Plates! to review I assumed from the logo that it was a homage to the Greek tradition of smashing plates during a meal. However, it was soon clear that it was it was nothing of the sort, instead you find yourself at the pass attempting to add the appropriate dressing to all the meals that pass by you on an conveyor belt.

Plates iPhoneThe game-play, design and execution of this game are very simple, the game is all played on a single screen with four sauces in the four corners of the screen. Steak sauce, blueberry syrup, ketchup and salad oil are your weapons of choice and activating them is as easy as tapping on them.

With your sauce selected you can then add your selected sauce to the plate as it travels by. There are 6 types of dish that pass by waiting to be dressed and they are steak, salad, pancakes, hot dogs, steak & salad and hot dog & salad. Each sauce has a corresponding dish and the two combo plates will require a splash of each of their sauces to be completed.

The dishes flow by quickly so you’ll need speed and excellent eye to hand coordination if you want to avoid breaking any of the plates. This is pretty inevitable though as they speed by faster and faster. You do have five lives though so all is not lost immediately.

A few extras are added to the mix to keep things interesting such as combo’s where you sauce three of the same dishes in a row and dynamite dogs which which instantly end the game. The game is also OpenFeint enabled although with only score based achievements in addition to the leader boards this needs a little more work to completely take advantage of it.

Plates 5Additional achievements and game modes are on their way though according to the developer so it will be interesting to see what they have up their sleeves.

The only downside to Plates! was the lack of appropriate sound effects, for example when selecting a sauce bottle while it does stand out, a little appropriate sound effect would be nice to confirm that you have actually selected it and the is no sound effect at all when the hot dogs blow up!

At just 99c Plates! is a fun and addictive addition to the app store and with the future updates this should be a good addition to your iPhone gaming arsenal.


  • Simple game play
  • Sharp graphics
  • Fast, furious and addictive


  • Poor use of achievements
  • Unsophisticated sound effects

Reviewed on an iPhone 4

Price: $0.99 (App Store)
Category: Games
Updated:Aug 19, 2010
Current Version:1.1
Size: 12.9 MB
Seller:Kyle T. Webster Inc.
© 2010 Big Mouse Media and Peer Assembly
Requirements:Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.


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Showing 2 comments
  • Anonymous

    Hi FirenzeChick,

    I just re-installed Plates! to see if that resolved the issue, however I still get very low sound when switching sauces and no sound at all when the plate explodes.

    Other than those issues it’s a fun game.


  • FirenzeChick

    There are indeed sound effects for switching sauces and the explosions. The explosion is quite loud, in fact. I wonder why this reviewer did not hear these sounds?

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