Ping Now Available for iPad. Wait for iOS 4.2 Continues

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One crumb of comfort for iPad owners still (im)patiently waiting for iOS 4.2 – you can now access Ping from right on the device.¬†Apple’s social media slant on its iTunes store has been available on all other iOS devices since the service’s launch back in September, but the iPad has curiously been without all things Ping-y.

The expectation was that Apple were waiting for iOS 4.2 to land, but Ping is now available thanks to an update to Apple’s iTunes Store. It’s not the first time Apple has updated features from the on-device store without needing a software update, and is clearly one of the benefits of operating a web-based solution.

To access Ping on an iPad, fire up the iTunes app and tap the newly arrived Ping tab. In there you’ll find all the usual Ping goodness, including who you’re following, who follows you and so on.

The only issue now is, does Ping provide enough functionality to make it worthwhile, even with support on the iPad.


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