Photos of ‘iPad 3’ Dock Connector in White Leaked?

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ipad 3 dock connector

Taiwanese rumour site [Google translation] recently posted photos of what they claim to be photos of the iPad 3 dock connector in white, attached to a ribbon cable. The interesting part of all of this is that the dock connector resembles that of the iPad 2, but is all white as opposed to black.

The dock connector on the iPad 2 is embedded in the curved aluminum shell of the iPad 2, and is in fact black on all models. This may be interesting, possibly hinting at the idea that Apple is looking to change the design of the iPad and maybe move the dock connector closer to the white bezel to resemble the white iPhone 4, which is entirely white.

There is no confirmation that this piece is in fact part of the rumoured iPad 3, although there are some minor details that point to such an event. Part numbers were also updated from 821-1180-A in the iPad 2 to a newer 821-1259-06, further confirming that an iPad 3 may be in the works. The end of the ribbon cable makes a 90-degree turn in the new piece, whereas the iPad 2’s dock connector ribbon cable is entirely straight.

Apple has been rumoured to be working on iPad 3 that may be introduced as a “pro” or “plus” version of the device with a higher resolution screen rather than a complete redesign. There have been no further details on an iPad 3, other than this dock connector, and rumours peg a release for a September release. has had accuracy in detecting Apple products in the past. It will be interesting to see if Apple releases next gen iPad this fall.


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