Perfect RSS Reader Review: Clean. Simple. Fast. Perfect.

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Rating: ★★★★☆

Perfect RSS Reader Review: A simple, clean way to peruse articles captured by your Google Reader subscriptions.

Download Perfect RSS Reader {$1.99} and it gets right to business by presenting you with screen to login to your Google Reader account. It is followed by another screen with simple, friendly instructions on how to use the app and then, boom, you’re right in the main screen with a list of articles on the left and one displayed on the right.

Perfect RSS Reader iPad-3That focus on simple and quick is retained throughout the app. It loads quickly and is pretty spunky moving from story to story. It has a nice feature that allows you to switch between article and photo views, which also loads reasonably quickly.

There are various ways to customize the appearance of the app. You can change fonts, switch to full screen, change the way gestures work, and filter by markings such as starred or liked. Enough to make it work for you, but not so many that you get lost in tweaking it.

Some of the nicest features are around the integration it has with other apps. From right within the app, you can share articles through ReadItLater, Twitter, Delicious, Instapaper, Facebook, Evernote, and Tumblr as well as through email. You can also add notes to articles and share those in Google Reader.

The interface is well laid out, but doesn’t offer much for customization other than to go to full screen. The color scheme is reminiscent of birchwood and can be a bit bland. But this may also serve to keep the focus on the articles themselves rather than on the app’s appearance.

Perfect RSS Reader puts the emphasis where it belongs – on the articles. The setup, display, interface, gestures, and colors all serve to keep you focused on the content, not the app. And with that huge backlog of articles to get through, that’s just perfect.
Perfect RSS Reader - Connect Technology Co., Ltd

  • Good use of gestures to control interface
  • Photo view is a nice addition
  • Integrated with other services such as Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Instapaper, etc.


  • Color scheme is neutral, bordering on bland



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