PassPath Review for iPhone: Serious Security for Your Photos

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Rating: ★★★☆☆

PassPath Review for iPhone-2PassPath Review: A simple app for iPhone that does one thing and does it exceedingly well. If you have a need to keep photos secure, PassPath is your app.

Personally, I can only think of a small number of scenarios where this level of security would be required (e.g., proprietary info, legally important photos, sexting), but if you fit one of the scenarios, this app is the best I’ve seen.

PassPath’s biggest selling point, and one they should capitalize on for other applications, is the security lock to open the app. The 12 billion possible combinations should do the trick for most folks. Using a 3×3 grid of dots, you drag your finger to draw a line, or any pattern of lines, between them. Your unique pattern, which can be as short/long and complicated/simple as you choose, serves as your password. This may or may not be easier to remember than a regular password, and it’s probably harder to write down. But it is much, much harder for an intruder to guess.

PassPath Review for iPhone-3Once in the app you can create albums and add photos to them. You can import photos from your iOS photo gallery or take new ones right from the app using the native Camera application. These photos are encrypted as they are saved to the albums. Once in the app, photos can be saved back out to the Photos app or emailed to others.

PassPath has a nice industrial look to it that constantly reminds you that this is a heavy-duty security app. You’ll have no chance of confusing it with less secure options. The interface puts the icons in the corners and they are easy to identify. Getting around in the app is simple enough, partly because there aren’t a lot of features to complicate it.

PassPath is a bit of a uni-tasker. It does one thing (secures your photos), but it does it well. If you have need for protecting your photos from prying eyes, this app will serve you ably.
PassPath - Protect your Photos - MadInSweden
What we like:

  • Great security lock
  • Simple to understand and navigate
  • Meets a specific need

What to know:

  • Limited use scenarios
  • Forget the pattern and you’re forever locked out



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