ParkBuddy Review: Never forget where you parked again

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ParkBuddy Review iPhone-4ParkBuddy Review: Who hasn’t gone somewhere, whether it be a concert, sporting event or to a mall to shop and forgot where they parked? ParkBuddy is an app that looks to remedy this problem with an easy to use interface.

ParkBuddy keeps things very simple while providing all of the necessary features that one might want when trying to remember where they parked. When I used to go shopping with my mom, she would always forget where we parked and I’d have to intervene and remind her. I often thought, what would happen if i wasn’t here, this is where ParkBuddy saves the day.

The true beauty of ParkBuddy is in the simplicity. You launch the application. You are greated by a few choices: select mode of transportation, if you’d like to take a picture, take notes and finally “Park”. I selected “Car”, took a picture of my parking spot, wrote down the parking spot number and then hit “Park”. When I hit “Park” it takes my latitude and longitude and stores them for when I return. You’ll then see the “Current Parking” screen which allows you see all of the things you have input into the app for your current parking spot.

ParkBuddy Review iPhone-5When you select “Return”, you will see a map that shows where you are in relation to your parking spot. Two options appear that allow you to “Navigate To My Vehicle” or delete this parking instance. Selecting the navigate option will take you to the Maps app and give you directions on how to get back to your vehicle and all of the optional routes. I thought this was very nice especially for those who live in metro areas. As you can tell, the app give you three main options on how to track where you park but I think its the only three you might need and they are all rolled up into one app.

I used the app today at a local park and it was great. It was dark so the picture I took was not very useful and the parking spot doesn’t have numbered parking slots so the mapping feature was my saving grace but the same could be said for the other two features in other situations.

I am going to be gifting this application to my mom and my wife as an early Christmas present so I don’t have to worry about them getting lost when they go to the mall anymore.

What we like:

  • Ease of Use
  • All Methods I Used Previously Rolled Up Into One App
  • Makes use of Maps app instead of using a clunky map system like some other apps

What to know:

  • ParkBuddy gives the disclaimer that it may take 10 seconds to get yours position when parking (in my opinion 10 seconds is nothing compared to the 20 mins I have wasted looking for my truck before)



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