‘Par Out Golf’ for iPhone and iPad 2 One of the Best Golf Games on the App Store

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Rating: ★★★★½

par Out GolfPar Out Golf is a unique and addictive golf game for the iPhone. The game uses a unique control system that differs from most golf games that makes it easier to pick up and play. The focus is on ease of gameplay and a great multiplayer experience make this game even more appealing. The game focuses on making the game more fun than an exact simulation of golf and this is what I find intriguing.

The control system that Par Out Golf utilizes is my favorite aspect of this highly addictive game. The control system is very simple and easy to use. You use your finger to guide the ball through the course. I know this sounds too easy but with the obstacles such as sand, rocks, canyon walls, etc. this isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are two other main complications that they throw in the mix and that is wind and when you are ready to hit your shot, you can’t see the course. Let me explain the second factor. At first, you see the course, the wind and what club you are using. You then are prompted to tap and hold on the tee box, when you do this, clouds cover the entire hole and you must remember where the obstacles are and avoid them by drawing a line to the hole. Once you tap, you can release and look at the course again but when you are ready to hit, you cannot see the par Out Golf iphonecourse. This makes the very simple and easy to use control system much more complicated. I love this feature though because you do not constantly find yourself struggling to “swing your club” just the right percentage to get the ball on the green as you are in most games. I was able to pick up the game and get pretty good, pretty quick.

The scoring system, unlocks and rewards only further enhance the unique style of play found in this game. The scoring system for the actual play is very simple as it uses the normal method of scoring from golf. However, for each hole, you can collect badges that are rewards for getting par, birdie or pro which is eagle or better. These badges can be used to unlock more courses and as a method of showing how well you do on a particular hole or course. The way they use the badges as a reward and a way to unlock more courses keeps the concept of the game simple and keeps you from having to keep track of yet another thing.

par Out Golf iphone ipadThe social and multiplayer options in this game are what puts it over the top as one of the best golf games I’ve played. The game has Game Center integrated so you have leaderboards and that method of bragging and showing off your scores as well as a rich multiplayer set up. You have the option of “Local Play” and “Network Play” when it comes to the multiplayer. Local Play allows for up to four people on one device in a sort of pass the phone style which is a fun way to get friends involved when you don’t have a network connection or don’t both have an iPhone. Network play allows you to play one on one over the internet which I can see being very fun in this game as it is so easy to pick up and play. This game truly seems to have all the social and multiplayer options I would like to see in a game.

Finally, the presentation of this game is great. It is more cartoony than real but with the gameplay and all its features, it’s a perfect fit. The visuals look great and I love Par Out Golf App Storethe sounds of this game. The music is very fitting and the sound effects seem to be spot on. I never saw a hitch in the game play and have been overall very impressed with this game.


  • Gameplay
  • Super Addictive
  • Social & Multiplayer Options


  • More Courses

$1.99 Par Out Golf - Endless Wave Software LLC
Category: Games
Released: Apr 20, 2011
Version: 1.0
Size: 78.2 MB
Language: English
Seller: Endless Wave Software LLC
© Copyright 2011 Endless Wave Software LLC
Rated 4+
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later



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