Olloclip Review – iPhone 4S Camera Lens that Really Packs a Punch

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Olloclip Review

When the iPhone 4S was released with its improved rear facing camera it quickly become one of the most popular devices for taking pictures. Of course that’s also due to the fact that as Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist Barry Staver once said in regard to what’s the best camera, “It’s the one you have with you.”.

There are now multiple accessories that you can add to your iPhone 4S to enhance its photo taking qualities and the latest is the Olloclip a three in one pocket sized kit that includes a Fisheye, wide-angle and macro lens.

One of the great things about the Olloclip is it’s size and the fact that all the lenses are in one piece with the macro lens being accessed by unscrewing the wide-angle lens. This means that it’s very easy to carry with you especially given that it comes with it’s own little carrying case.

The lens fits the top left corner of the iPhone, coincidentally exactly where the iPhones camera lens is! It slides into place with a slither cut out to fit over the sleep button and while it fits tighlty enough to stay in place while taking photo’s you won’t want to throw your iPhone around too much as the Olloclip may fall off.

With the lens in place you are ready to take your pictures, presuming you’ve remembered to take the lens cap off of course! The results are pretty impressive, using my beloved Mini Cooper as my inspiration I first took a picture without a lens and then two shots, one with the wide-angle lens and another with the fisheye, the results of which you can see attached, and both impressed me very much, especially the additional real estate that was added to the wide-angle photograph.

Some additional shots from closer up emphasized the fisheye results and all of these were taken within seconds of each other thanks to how easily the Olloclip is to switch out. I then moved inside to take some shots with the macro lens.

Using a dime I took a picture as close as I could both with and without the Olloclip macro lens and considering I was inside using artificial light I was still impressed with the the results especially considering the slight camera shake! I look forward to attempting to getting some closeup shots outdoors of some wildlife once the weather warms up a little.

The Olloclip retails at $69.99 and is available via their website given the impressive results that it produces it’s well worth it. It a pocket sized powerhouse that really packs a punch.

What we like:

  • 3 lenses in one
  • Great results
  • Pocket sized

What to know:

  • Not the most secure fit



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