NYC Crime Index Increases As a Result of More iPhone and iPad Thefts

NYC Crime Index Increases As a Result of More iPhone and iPad Thefts

According to a report from The New York Times, New York City’s crime index has increased in the year 2012 and the city’s mayor. Every year, the City of New York releases crime stats and the city’s mayor Michael Bloomberg mentions that the increase in crime was reportedly entirely based on iPad and iPhone thefts.

As of Monday, the Police Department recorded 3,484 more major crimes in 2012 than for the same period last year. The increase in Apple product thefts: 3,890.

The report also quotes Bloomberg’s press secretary, Marc La Vorgna who mentioned that if you took away the number of iOS devices stolen, the city’s crime would be lower than reported. In 2012, half of the crimes in New York City reportedly involved iPhones.

As Apple products became mobile in 2007 and grew in popularity over the past several years, thefts including the devices also shot up. Police have been working to shut down rings involving stolen Apple products, and thieves who have repeatedly stolen iPhones and iPads on the subways and buses.

New York City is working to address the issue, however, has had trouble figuring out how to curb the thefts. The Metropolitan Transit Authority, which operates the subways urges its riders to refrain from using their devices near the doors of buses and trains where thieves can easily snatch and run. It is unclear how many other cities in the United States have had issues with iOS devices being the cause of increasing crime rates.

{Via MacRumors}