Note Hub Professional Office Suite revolutionizes iPad productivity

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Chicago, Illinois – Hubapps today is pleased to release a major milestone in iPad productivity history, with its innovative productivity suite, Note Hub Professional. From the makers of the critically-acclaimed “Nightstand”, Note Hub Professional builds on the success of its chart-busting, #1-ranked Note Hub by including powerful sharing and office features and professional-mandated speed and performance.

Note Hub Professional revolutionizes productivity on the device by providing an unprecedented level of integration between documents, including text notes, maps, journals, sketches, task lists, calculators, and a complete web browser, in a seamless, professionally-designed package. The suite sports a full range of export options from email to Dropbox integration. Note Hub Professional is available immediately in the iTunes App Store.

The ability to create and share projects with unlimited notes, drawings, task lists, web browsers, maps, and calculators is unprecedented on the iOS platform. Each document is fully-featured, not watered-down mini-snippets, yet they work together fluidly in a way that strives to make the user more productive. All in a thumbnail-driven interface that eliminates complexity in favor of straightforwardness.

Some features:
* Create six types of documents: Text Note, Drawing Canvas, Map, Calculator, Tasks, Browser
* Sharing options offer Dropbox, Posterous, export email, and photo library integration
* Group documents in projects. Archive old projects to unclutter the workspace. Search documents in a project
* Full undo/redo support for all editing actions and robust saving – no lost data
* All documents can be saved to be edited as a drawing document
* View documents as an organized grid or in “layout mode” where thumbnails can be moved and resized to better suit the user’s tastes
* Full width in landscape for a huge viewing/editing space
* Browser documents have complete standard web navigation with Google search field, bookmarks, and autocompleted URLs
* Drawing documents boast an intuitive “style designer” which lets the user create and save their own combinations of color/thickness/transparency, eraser, and editable text notes in any canvas
* Map documents have a full map implementation including road/satellite/hybrid display and “Show/hide my location”; one can drop pins on the map (and move existing pins) and give pins names and notes in “Journal” mode which lets the user see all their pins as entries in a table
* “Calculator as a Document”: instead of huge buttons with small ticker tape, this lets the user give any output an arbitrary name so it becomes a defined variable to be referenced in other entries
* Create tasks, with name, importance, and color coded due dates. Sorting includes an innovative, unique “Priority” sort which automatically ranks tasks based on both due date and importance

Device Requirements:
* iPad Compatible
* Requires iOS 3.2 or later
* 1.8 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Note Hub Professional 2.0 is $2.99 and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Productivity category.

Note Hub Professional 2.0
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