No Flash On iPhone 5 / 4S Camera Parts, Photos Hint At Alternate Placement

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iPhone 5 Camera Flash released photos of what they claim to be camera components of the new iPhone 5. The photos show what appears to be an updated camera module for the fifth gen iPhone that does not contain an integrated flash, giving reason to believe that the flash may be in a separate location than in the iPhone 4.

A few photos released earlier on in the week showed mockups of the LED flash. The pictures showed the flash on the opposite side of the actual camera module. This is something to look forward to in the next iteration of the iPhone, possibly meaning that the camera may be getting a boost.

iPhone 5 4S Mockup

Apple is expected to announce it’s next gen smartphone in September. It is widely believed that it will feature A5 processor and HSPA+ chipset which will make it capable of accessing the internet faster. Since most carriers market HSPA+ speeds as “4G” technology some analysts believe that Apple’s next iPhone will be called “iPhone 4S“.

iPhone 5 4S Case

During this years WWDC live keynote event the Cupertino based company will unveil the next major software release called iOS 5. According to many rumors we’ve previously reported iOS 5 will mark the introduction of new cloud based services (iCloud?) which will offer music locker service and a revamped MobileMe. In addition to this we could also see new notification system for iOS and deeper voice integration  combined with Siri’s AI personal assistant capability.


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