Ninja Hamster Rescue Review for iPhone and iPad

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Rating: ★★★☆☆

Ninja Hamster Rescue Review: A side scrolling game brought to you by NakaiEntertainment. Help Riku the elite ninja hamster save his village from the samurai cats by destroying them along the way and save the hamster babies.

The cats have been attacking the village and kidnapping all the baby hamsters. It is left up to Riku to save them all, with your help. Use his ninja skills to fight them and bring the babies home.

Ninja Hamster Rescue uses very simple controls. Riku will move all the time as the game scrolls sideways. All you have to do is control his kicks and jumps by pressing the buttons accordingly. Use the jump button to jump up on ledges and try avoid any obstacles. The kick button is for defending yourself and killing the Samurai cats. Along the way collect all the baby hamsters for extra points.

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There are three modes to play; classic and two others, that need to be unlocked first, Golden and Hardcore. The game is also supported with OpenFeint and Game Center all offering a good amount of leaderboard and achievements that need to be mastered. Ideal if you like competing with your friends as well.

Graphics are good, the hamsters and other characters along the way are easy to make out and the buttons are just the right size. The music does get a little annoying after a while but you can turn it off in settings. It is suitable for all ages and a fun game that can be picked up and played when it suits.
Ninja Hamster Rescue - Jeffrey Nakai

  • 3 Game modes
  • Game Center Integration
  • Suitable for all ages


  • Music can be a little annoying.


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