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GodFinger iPhone

Ngmoco never fail to produce outstanding games for the iPhone and iPod touch. Previously they have had Eliminate and Touch Pets Dogs and most recently Godfinger. Godfinger at the moment is only available in Canada, it’s a way of ‘beta testing’ the game before releasing it to the rest of the world.

The game play is simple, you are the God and have a planet of your own with followers. These followers worship the ground you walk on. You can work them day and night, let them rest or have them running around a shrine worshipping you. Basically anything you want because you are in full control of them.

How to play the game is fairly straight forward. You have a little planet on your screen you rotate with your finger. You pick up your followers and get them to work on your farms, create new buildings for you or sit at the local tavern for a much deserved rest. A popular feature to this game is the social factor and the game offers great social interactive features with Plus+ network.

The game still needs a lot of tweaks, push notifications are coming through very quickly and far too often. Negative comments about the game are already starting to emerge. Many feel the game is time consuming and that you need to play it far too much to keep on top of things within the game. However, I feel this is not the case. I have had it now two days and I don’t have that much time on my hands. It is all about understanding the game and managing your playing time. Once you get to grips with that you can dip in and out of the game through-out the day. Another big complaint and one that is very common for Ngmoco games is the cost. The game is free to purchase but then you have in-app purchases as well. When you first begin the game you get ‘awe’ and ‘mana’ to start you off.

Mana is quite easy to build up over time in the game but requires patience and you don’t really need to buy it. Awe on the other hand once that runs out if you do want more you will have to purchase it. I so far have not and I don’t think I would for a while but I can see at some point I may have to purchase it to help me along in the game. This though isn’t all that expensive in my opinion but one that many have complained about already in gaming forums.

GodFinger is a well designed game and the graphics are amazing. It’s all easy to play and understand. You are still going to get the full gaming experience even if you don’t spend a penny of your own money. Of course Ngmoco have placed buttons around the game to tempt you into the in-app purchases but its not a requirement of the actual game. You can still do everything it will just take longer, it requires time management and patience on your part.

I think Ngmoco are offering everybody a great gaming experience and yes it is evident they also have support their business model, and I think many other iPhone game developers will soon follow this ‘freemium’ model.

Do you like ‘freemium’ games? Let us know what you think about such games in the comments section below.


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