NFL Flick Quarterback HD Review for iPad Great Looking NFL Title that Doesn’t Make the Play-offs

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Rating: ★★★☆☆

NFL Flick Quarterback HD Review iPad-1NFL Flick Quarterback HD Review: With the NFL season in full swing and Madden 12 getting dusty surly the time is just right for another licensed NFL game to hit the App Store and provide players throughout the world to dream that dream once more of lifting the Lombardi Trophy.

NFL Flick Quarterback HD is the latest in a string of ‘Flick’ titles from Full Fat Games that already includes Soccer, Golf and Zombie varieties and it gets he fully licensed NFL treatment.

The graphics are very strong, from the players themselves to the impressive stadiums and even the cheerleaders on the sidelines, the graphics pop off the screen and create a great looking game.

If you’ve played either of the Backbreaker games before where you take the roll of a running-back attempting to score a touchdown this game is very similar, and simpler, only that this time you take the place of the Quarterback attempting to make successful passes to your wide receivers.

NFL Flick Quarterback HD Review iPad-2After a brief tutorial where you are shown how to make passes and avoid tackles you have access to 3 game types. Playmaker puts you into game mode where you will need to avoid interceptions and make clean passes while your wide receiver is covered by a number of defenders.

As you would expect by the title of the game a swift flick up the screen is all you need to throw the ball subsequent swipes accords the screen will help spin the ball into the hands of your offensive player and out of the hands of the defense.

Wind also has to be taken into account and this will increase as you progress through the game as will the number of times that you have to avoid being sacked by approaching defenders.

NFL Flick Quarterback HD Review iPad-3Points are awarded for successfully completions, distance and whether or not a touchdown is scored and all these points ultimately help you move through the ranks that include Rookie, Starter, MVP and Veteran.

The other two game modes are Trick Shot and Trick Shot XL which brings you back to an empty stadium this time to test your throwing arm against a bucket which gets gradually further and further away. There is little variety in these two additional modes however and why they weren’t combined into one I do not know.

The game initially starts of as a lot of fun but unlike the previously released titles in the Flick series NFL Flick Quarterback HD soon becomes boring due to a lack of variety and the repetive nature of the game play.

The fact that the two versions of the app for the iPhone and iPad are identical and yet don’t form part of a universal app is rather disappointing.

The game does include Leader-boards and Achievements via Game Center integration but this is unlikely to keep you coming back for more.
NFL Flick Quarterback HD - Full Fat
What we like:

  • Big, strong graphics
  • Good use of the NFL license
  • Easy controls

What to know:

  • Repetitive game-play
  • Limited progression
  • Not a universal app



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