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iPad 2 Mockup

Both here at Touch Reviews, and elsewhere on the web, images of next generation iPad cases have been fairly common place over the last few weeks. It is generally accepted that these cases give us a fairly good idea of how the next iPad will look, as leaks in Apple’s supply chain have previously allowed manufacturers in China to get an early lead on the market and accurately build cases for Apple’s products several weeks or months in advance of a launch.

One enterprising exhibitor at CES has gone one step further however, and based on information they have on the dimensions of Apple’s next iPad iteration they have actually had a machined aluminium mockup of Apple’s next tablet manufactured.

If this is based on accurate info it seems that the new iPad will indeed be very much like a big iPod Touch with tapered edges. It will also be a bit slimmer than the current model – no surprise there as this is an Apple product; they are always “Thinner and Lighter” with each iteration!

Next Gen iPad 2011

Other points of note are that the Home Button is positioned a little closer to the bottom of the iPad’s frame, and there are larger cutouts for the slightly larger speakers we expect on the iPad 2.

Personally I prefer the current more iPhone 4-esque styling to the iPad, with its square edges.

What do you think? Are you happy with the new iPad shape? Have your say in the comments.


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  • Anon

    whatever the design of the case, as long as its not slippery like the back of ipods touches. For a device the size of a ipad it needs to be easy to hold

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