Next Gen iPad Mini With a Retina Display Expected to Cost $12 More Per Unit

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second gen iPad mini teardown

Rumors of an next gen iPad mini have been on the web for several weeks now, and many reports are suggesting that the new device would include a Retina Display as one of the many new features. However, according to market researchers, the inclusion of a Retina Display would bump the price of the second gen iPad mini by up to 30%. This means that each iPad mini would cost Apple $12 more per unit to produce, and would subsequently cause a price increase for consumers.

According to Digitimes, this addition of $12 per unit would raise the total price of the iPad mini above $200 for production. A Retina Display would tack on a number of new costs, including a new LED backlight for the higher pixel density. Overall, this would total up to a 30% increase in price for production. The most expensive part of an iPad mini is the screen, which is $80 per unit. A teardown by research firm IHS iSuppli in November estimated that the iPad mini internals cost Apple $188 to produce.

Although analysts are expecting a price increase for consumers, it is likely that Apple will find a way to retain the current price point as they did with the 3rd generation iPad after it received a Retina Display. It is unclear exactly when Apple plans to introduce a iPad mini with Retina Display, however, other issues such as retaining the same form factor and battery life may also present an issues alongside the price.

{Via AppleInsider}


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