Bonnier shows off the future of Newspaper on Apple’s iPad

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Ever since the iPad was announced, the tech industry has been waiting for the news companies to jump onboard, with sales of magazines and newspapers dwindling. The question we’ve all been asking is what can a digital newspaper offer that the current dead-tree variety can’t? The guys over at Bonnier think they have the answer.

Having worked on the Popular Science iPad app in the past, Bonnier certainly know how to put pixel to iPad, but they aren’t stopping there. The video below shows what they hope will be the future of newspapers, and it looks rather spiffy.

If sliding gestures and overlays are your bag, be sure to check out the full video below – it’s clear that this is more than just an iPad app though. If Bonnier are to get this to market it’s going to be much, much more.

I wonder what Rupert Murdoch makes of it all.



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