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Apple’s next gen iPhone 4G was found in a bar. A popular technology blog buys the ‘lost’ phone for $5000 and then Apple sends an official letter.

The iPad was banned in Israel and some US Universities, and then unbanned in Israel, whilst a fix has been detailed for the Universities by various bloggers and websites around the web.

Adobe quit iPhone Flash development. Calling Apple a “black kettle” while wearing a “pot” as a hat.

Apple responded with the blindingly obvious, gave Adobe something completely different that they had been asking for for a long time, and then decided to controversially reject and remove some seemingly innocent and totally unrelated apps from its App Store.

Apple were also briefly rumoured to be considering buying ARM after announcing record profits! Apple announced record profits this week at its Q2 earnings report, and have apparently taken over the Japanese phone market and everywhere else in the world too where you can buy anything with an i-prefix on it.

And finally some iPod Touches with cameras went on sale. And then didn’t. On eBay!

All in all the end of April is shaping quite unusually just as the day which traditionally launches it. Especially when you realise that Farmville may be coming to the iPad, and a Nintendo evangelist is now in charge of games on the App Store!

iPhone 4G found in a bar!

It was hard to get away from one news story all week. The story itself took on a virus like nature in many ways. Initially propagating across the internet as a game of whodunit, and “what really?” And then into a battle of the pundits for who could describe who had broken what law (moral, criminal, civil, Californian or simply US).

Then the story morphed into a lot of sabre rattling by everyone except notably Apple, in what seemed like a bizarre mix of veiled jealousy and rage about the various things Gizmodo had achieved.

At the very end Gizmodo came out and claimed that all the extra page views they had gotten from (allegedly) buying a stolen, or “lost”, iPhone prototype, and literally spilling its guts online had actually cost them more in bandwidth fees then they would ever make back!

The bottom line is Apple are launching a new iPhone in June, or July during WWDC. It may have a higher resolution screen. Probably a front facing camera for video conferencing. Maybe even two cameras. And might have a slightly different case design. Some say an ugly case design.

Oh, and Apple programmers like German beer. Stuff we all knew already – apart from the German beer bit.
In the coming weeks and days we’ll find out if anyone is going to get arrested and go to jail. Or if Gizmodo will ever be able to live-blog an Apple event again.

iPad banned in Israel and Universities!

Israel decided that all iPads entering Israel should be impounded as US Wi-Fi is different from European Wi-Fi, and it might break their internet. The European Wi-Fi system apparently being the standard and in the “lower power range” Israel prefer to operate! A claim and comparison which baffled most of us in tech land. Especially those of us with iPads in parts of the world other than the US who have had no problems at all with a broken internet yet. After a week of “extensive research” into the seized iPads, Israel relented and said it was okay and that you could bring your iPads to Israel if you like now.

I am left wondering if Israeli customs officers and communications ministers just wanted a good excuse to play with some iPads!

Meanwhile some US Universities actually found a real (but minor) problem with the way that iPads retain DHCP leases when in standby, which confused their campus networks, and started a rush of network administrators banning iPads, and even some iPhones and iPods from said networks. As the week progressed various work arounds were found, and everything seems to be fine again in student land.

Adobe give up on Flash on the iPhone.

Adobe finally announced that it wouldn’t be bothering trying to get Flash on iDevices anymore, and said that Apple operated a closed and proprietary system which was evil. Or words to that effect. Apple fired back asking just exactly what Flash was then?

In other news Adobe say they will have Flash working faster with low level Graphics API calls on Mac Laptops in a “couple of months or so.”

Apple having exposed long awaited low level graphics functionality to all developers this week. Time will tell if that really is the magic fix that Adobe have been asking for to make Flash on Apple Computers not buggy or slow.
Bearing in mind how hopelessly late Adobe is with everything, I have to wonder if all the excitement over those new API calls has tapped out their development team for the near future. So perhaps dropping their Flash for the iPhone aspirations is a wise choice on their part..

Two months to update some drivers for Flash for a few Apple computers? Perhaps they should hire some iPhone app developers who seem to be able to code entire products, not just updates, in a few weeks.

Apple rejects two apps from iTunes controversially

Apple’s App Store Gnomes rejected an App by Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Mark Fiore for its satirical depictions of political characters.

This rejection was swiftly reversed by Apple. Showing that sometimes the App Store Gnomes need a helping hand from management with their judgement calls. Or a swift kick from el-Stevo.

More interesting for geeks, we reported on how Scratch Viewer, an app that compiles and runs interpreted code that kids have put together using the Scratch Language from M.I.T. Media Labs, was removed from the App Store. Presumably because it falls foul of controversial clause 3.3.1.

This is more worrying as it means Apple are not just picking on Adobe and Flash with clause 3.3.1 in the iPhone SDK Developer Agreement. Lets hope that the slightly more senior App Store Gnome who is required to remove an App from sale also gets some guidance from on high within Apple and lets this educational app and its fairly innocuous language back into the app store so kids everywhere can still wow their teachers with their programmatic creations on iDevices.

Apple were rumoured to be considering buying ARM after announcing record profits!

In what can only be described as an early financial sector silly season rumor, Apple (who originally helped found ARM Ltd.) were rumoured by a single source to be interested in buying the fabless chip design company behind the silicon in 90% of the worlds mobile phones. This story also took on a life of its own, and spread around the internet. On the back of that, and Apple’s record earnings for a non-holiday quarter, Apple and ARMs shares reached all time highs of U$270+ and UK£2.50+ respectively.

It is unlikely that Apple will buy ARM, for a myriad of reasons too technical for the weekly roundup. Yes I know it’s kind of a fortnightly roundup at the moment.

With the cash Apple have on hand, some $40 Billion, they could actually buy ARM at an inflated price of $8 Billion (a rough takeover valuation) almost 5 times over. What Apple may do however, is take a larger holding in the company to protect it from a future takeover from a company like Intel, but that is purely speculation on my part.

The bottom line is Apple have a lot of cash in the bank. And a very bright future, having grown sales and market share in every single market they have products in. And they could afford to buy pretty much anything they want. So expect more rumors like this.

iPods with cameras on sale… on eBay!

Two Development iPod Touch units appeared on eBay today. Each resembling leaked pictures of an iPod Touch from some months ago, and both sporting cameras. Remember the ones that Steve Jobs said it was “impossible” to fit cameras inside? Yes, those ones. The devices were quickly removed without selling.

The mind boggles at what the guys who put them on sale were thinking!

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Did we miss anything?


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