New iPod Touch Specifications (Rumor)

New iPod touch

New iPod touch

John Lewis, a large UK retailer, has put on a presentation at an event called Christmas in July where it has detailed the specifications for the next iPod Touch revision, that it says it has heard from reliable supplier sources.

Basically they are saying that the next iPod Touch will have a 5MP camera, LED Flash and an accelerometer and a gyroscope. They obviously missed the fact that all members of the iPod Touch family to date have had an accelerometer. But anyway…

The Rumors they are passing onto us are probably not too far from the truth. The iPod already has a GPU comparable to the iPhone 4. Actually it’s identical. And Apple could use either the iPhone 3GS supply lines, or the iPhone 4 lines to put out a device capable of supporting a camera.

We reported on iPod Touch prototypes that leaked with cameras a month or two back. But they were on the back of the unit. In other news today, images of what may be new iPod Touch LCD panels seems to show a space for a “FaceTime” camera.

Apple has typically brought the iPod Touch into line with the core specs of each new iPhone launch anyway. But they won’t want sales of one device to threaten another if at all possible. So they’ll keep parity for games with the gyroscope and perhaps bumping the CPU a bit with an A4.

The hard thing to call is will Apple go with both a front and back facing camera, or choose between a front facing camera for pictures, and a back facing one for FaceTime?

My bet is if they go with one camera it will be one that gives us FaceTime. So no Flash, and no 5MP stills camera, and the iPhone 4 keeps a big exclusive feature to keep driving its sales.

What do you think? Let us know your guesses in the comments.


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  1. i think that it would have a 2mp front facing camera with an flash, its sad that it would not have face time…

  2. I'd guess that the Touch will have forward and rear facing cameras, but that the rear might be of the older 3MP variety without a flash. I can hope it will have autofocus, though.

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