NanoMechs Isn’t Miniature on Excitement

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Nanomechs iPhone Game Review

NanoMechs Rating: ★★★★☆

Is there a more prolific genre in the history of computers than the shooter? I remember the fun and excitement I experienced the first time I played Doom on my brother’s 486 laptop. The wonder, joy, victory, and defeat I felt that day are often measuring sticks against which I judge other FPS games. It was a pleasure to find that NanoMechs measured up very well against those early impressions.

You’re a NanoMech armed with a laser, jump jets and an attitude. Your job is to move through the levels within the alloted time, blasting enemies as you go.

The game controls are simple and useful. This is a sidescrolling game so movement left to right accomplished through tilt control. Now you’ve probably heard me bemoaning the use of tilt control in the past but it works for this game. My primary objection to tilt control was that it seemed like for a while EVERY game used it. It works here because it eliminates the need for two extra movement buttons that would crowd the interface. Tilt control may be overdone but virtual joysticks can be a pain as well. The jump jets are controlled by two buttons at the bottom of the screen in either corner. Touch either once to get airborne and then hold it to fire the jets for longer flight. And most importantly for a shooter, simply tap the screen where you’d like to shoot.

The graphics aren’t overly done and suit the game very nicely. Sometimes simplicity and usefulness are more important than flashy 3D graphics. One of the things I really liked about NanoMechs was how the graphics suited the sidescrolling nature of the game.

What really caught my attention about NanoMechs though was its multiplayer capabilities. This feature alone should convince you to go out and buy this game and then convince your friends with iPhone and iPod touch to go out and buy this game. NanoMechs is the first game I’ve encountered for the iPhone with a Wi-Fi multiplayer capability and it really extends its replay value. Kudos to the developers for taking the time to include this worthwhile feature.

Overall, NanoMechs is a fun and enjoyable game to play. Besides the features I’ve already talked about, NanoMechs offers little extras like the ability to choose your NanoMech and weapons upgrades hidden throughout the levels. One thing I would point out to being a shortcoming in the game is the lack of persistent or online high scoring. Local high scores are only kept over the lifetime of a game. So once you start it up and play your scores are saved. Once you turn off the game and restart it, the high scores are wiped.

NanoMechs is a fun and challenging game that isn’t miniature on excitement. Go get this game; any shortcomings are certainly outweighed by the strengths of the product.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $.99

The Good

  • Great gameplay.
  • Easy control interface.
  • Wi-Fi multiplayer capability.

The Not So Good

  • No persistent local high scores.
  • No global high score capabilities.

Reviewed By: Erin Peterson

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Nanomechs iPhone Gameplay


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