Mystery Mania For iPhone: Fun, Original Puzzle Game

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Mystery Mania Rating: ★★★★☆

Halloween may be over but if you want to extend your Halloween fun to a few more days then Mystery Mania may be just for you as this interactive puzzler will push your brain cells to the limit.

The spooky cartoon style graphics setup an appropriately ominous atmosphere and the game starts with a short introduction for you to walk through which sets the scene. You control a robot named ‘F8’ and your task is to find out who you are and where you came from.

You do this by making your way through the Mystery Mansion room by room. It’s not that easy though as each and every room can only be passed through by completing the puzzle inside. Everything you need is on the screen though so after a bit of thought and a little trial and error most rooms should be able to be overcome but the level of difficulty is set just right to not be too frustrating and keep you coming back for more.

Mystery Mania iPhone Game

Mystery Mania iPhone Game

The 27 rooms of the mansion have to be navigated to find the 3 parts that will answer all of your characters questions. The story is told well in a silent movie style way with a good balance of story and entertainment that while doesn’t make you bond with your character, after all he is a robot, it does make the game more enjoyable.

There are also 33 achievements to be unlocked throughout the game from the bizarre ‘kick a mouse’ award to the ridiculous ‘electrocuted 3 times’ award and while these can add a little value to the game they won’t necessarily keep you coming back for more.

Options are limited but you can listen to your own music while playing the game and when you are stuck of a level for some amount of time this will come as a pleasant relief.

Mystery Mania iPhone Game_1

Mystery Mania iPhone Game_1

EA are more famously known for their sport sims but Mystery Mania couldn’t be further from the likes of NBA Live, Madden 10 and Fifa 10 and they prove that they can do both in this fun, original puzzle game. If you are a fan of puzzle games this will be a nice addition to your collection and if you aren’t this is a relatively easy entry into the genre.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price: $1.99

The Good

  • Nice variety of puzzles
  • Good storyline
  • Interesting achievements

The Not So Good

  • Very linear game play
  • Only 27 puzzles

Reviewed By: Craig Willis


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