This Week in Must Have iPhone / iPad Jailbreak Tweaks

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Must Have iPhone / iPad Jailbreak Tweaks

The tweaks for jailbroken devices keep coming thick and fast. Some change the aesthetics of the iPhones while other change existing or and new functionality which the iPhone out of the box does not provide.

This week we deal with some of each and the first is one that we are running a competition to win 1 of five free copies, and that’s WorldClockCenter for Notification Center.

WorldClockCenter for Notification Center

A more detailed review of the tweak can be read here which includes instructions on the competition too.

In short WorldClockCenter for Notification Center simply adds all of the world clocks from the default clock app to the Notification Center and so if you have colleagues, family or friends located in different time-zones then this is a great app which will set you back a cent under $2.


With the introduction of iOS5 notifications have come along way, however, one thing that you haven’t been able to do is know which notification you are being alerted too if you can’t see your iPhone.

That changes though with the introduction of PushTone which allows you to assign any of your Alert Tones or Ringtones to each individual application that allows sound notifications.

This is all done via the Notifications settings screen as a new PushTone option is added to each apps notifications page. It’s simple and effective, just make sure that you select short tones as the sound can’t be dismissed prior to it ending.


Graviboard is not a new jailbreak but it’s just been updated to support iOS 5 and it now works even better and smoother especially on the iPhone 4s and iPad 2. Graviboard adds gravity to your homescreens and with it your app icons and folders will float around the screen causing controlled chaos.

You can not only control when Graviboard activates but also whether you can still activate apps, swipe between pages, and how much gravity there is, how bouncy the icons are and how much friction there is.

Graviboard is a fun tweak and one that is surprisingly usable as the icons float around. It will certainly get your iPhone noticed too.


AnimateDock is another tweak that will affect how your home screen looks, specifically the dock, and does exactly what you would expect it too, it animates the dock each time the homescreen is activated whether it be from unlocking the screen or closing an app.

There are multiple effect options to choose from and they can be enabled simultaneously too, so while you can have them rotating to the left, or zoom in and out you can also turn both on and have them rotate while zooming in and out!

AnimateDock is a little rough around the edges but can still produce some fun results.

What new tweaks have you installed this week? Let us know in the comments below or tweet me directly at @4forkssake.


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