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Music Quiz Frenzy Rating: ★★★½☆

Quizzes are as popular as ever thanks to email and Facebook quizzes while music is perfectly at home on an iPhone/iPod Touch so any app that can combine the two well is going to be successful and that’s just what Music Quiz Frenzy (MQF) is attempting to achieve in a way that makes the quiz unique and personal to everyone who owns an iPhone/iPod Touch.

Music Quiz Frenzy is a music quiz game based on your iPod / iPhone library.
The device lets your hear a song that you should recognize (suggested answers also come from your iPod)

MQF uses the music on your iPhone/iPod Touch and plays it to you for you to guess. The graphics and layout of the app are simple but effective and after starting the game a random track from your personal music library starts playing and you are presented with 6 options of which artist or track is playing. The faster you correctly guess the more points you get and find it really fast and you’ll earn a joker.

Your Jokers give you a little advantage on later tracks including the ability to fast forward the song, skip a track completely or reduce your choices and these can come in very handy if you have a large library of songs.

You take on a friend via it’s two player mode where two people can take end of the screen and can battle it out to recognize the most tracks in the fastest times. What is nice about the two player mode is that when the other person makes their choice it’s not displayed to the other player until they make their guess so cheating is limited and is not going to benefit anyone! What would be good though is to have the ability to handicap the owner of the iPhone/iPod Touch as they will have a better knowledge of the tracks on offer.

There are many options in this game too which is always nice. For example you can choose to play songs from your entire library, only the 25 most played tracks or only tracks from the 90’s for example. Your choices can also be limited to between 3 to 6 answers, the number of songs can be changed and the time limit for you to make you guess can also be adjusted to make the quiz easier or harder as you like.

The addition of some online tracks would be nice to add some variety and to make the two player game a little fairer, although given licensing rules I can see that this could be tricky to instigate, and a high score board is lacking too. All in all for $1.99 this adds an extra dimension to your iPhone/iPod Touch and can really help dig out some hidden treasures in your music collection.

App Store Official

Price $1.99

The Good

  • Uses your own tracks as a quiz
  • Two player mode adds extra fun
  • Jokers add value

The Not So Good

  • No score board
  • Owner of the iPhone/iPod Touch has an advantage in two player mode

Reviewed By: Craig Willis

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  • TouchReviews

    Promo Code for Music Quiz Frenzy: H4W4F9L79XXJ

  • TouchReviews

    Promo Code for Music Quiz Frenzy: H4W4F9L79XXJ

  • MarvinJoa

    AWESOME GAME… I rate a 5 on the apple store

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