Motorola Pokes Fun At Apple And Its iPad 2 Launch

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Oh those funny guys over at Motorola really crack us up! Today they invited eager Apple punters to leave the iPad 2 queues to someone else and order a Motorola Xoom online instead. Yeah, right!

iPad 2 tech specs-2 Photo

With media and fanboy hype at an all-time high just 24 hours before the iPad 2 goes on sale in the UK, Motorola suggests buyers would be better off going for a swift pint and ordering their shiny new tablet online instead – so long as it’s a Xoom of course.

Not keen to waste the finest weather we’ve had in ages waiting in a queue? Idea of surviving overnight on mundane take-away with some frankly questionable queue buddies leave you cold? Fear not friends, ditch the winter coat, head out for a pint and pre-order your Motorola Xoom online instead!

Good look guys, I’m not convinced many of the Apple faithful will be taking you up on that offer I’m afraid.

Now that Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, that’s a different story….



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  • Liam Butler-Lawrence

    “Now that Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, that’s a different story…”

    No it’s not. Please. When the Galaxy Tab 7″ came out last year, the bloggers and analysts and all else had to rush to post their articles about how the Tab was ‘the first real competition to the iPad’, and it was going to ‘push Apple onto the stick’. Well, guess what? It didn’t.

    Now to be fair, everybody can make mistakes, so let’s fast forward to the Xoom launch. Wait a sec, don’t those headlines look suspiciously familiar? “Motorola releases details about the first real iPad competitor”. “Why Motorola is ahead of everybody else in the tablet game – including Apple”. And… now they’re trying to lure people away from the massive iPad 2 launch queues (incremental upgrade no one would fall for, remember?) to their website… they didn’t quite sell out of their inventory, did they?

    And now, Samsung’s launching yet another Galaxy Tab- yes, I’m sure it will be better than the first one, but is it really ‘the first iPad competitor’? Yet again? And how long will this go on? 😉

  • Justin Sanchez

    I agree. The motorola has failed to impress, although it does have many impressive features indeed. I believe the newly introduced galaxy 10.1 will be much stronger competition to the ipad 2. Though it is yet to be seen if it can capture the hearts of the public like ipad did. If not, it’s gonna have a hard time.

  • Bill

    Who wants a Xoom? they dont even display it where you can see it in BEST BUY, its usually way in the back out of sight LOL.

    • Kettengruppe

      Hmmmm seems to me that I haven’t seen a single Ipad 2 display in any store. An all of the original Ipad units I have ever seen were stuck over in a corner too? BTW I Love my Ipod touch and the way it interfaces with Itunes. That’s the real power of Apple… great hardware… great design…. but one big Giant Pair of Handcuffs on how you use it!

    • Heybuddy12

      Me for one would not want an IPad 2 simply because of Itunes….and 75% of those “1,000’s ” of apps are useless anyways. Unless you want to make fart noises of course…

  • Nick Landis

    This is crazy.

    People with android phones will buy the Xoom or GT

    People with iPhones will buy an iPad.

    Because they work together!

    there is no point swaying someone to switch software either.

    • Justin Sanchez

      I agree. You don’t see Apple trying to sway motorola customers to get ipads. They’re playing it smart. Xoom is good, but that was a bad move poking fun a ipad. It just makes the fanboys all that more determined… like me. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        It’s just a very simple rule of marketing. Never compare yourself to the competition…it makes you look weak.

        Remember Genesis Does What Nintendon’t? Yeah well…Sega sure as hell remembers. There’s a reason why the big dogs never stoop so low. They don’t have too.

  • Bfrancis83

    Who wants a Xoom, it’s all about the iPad 2. With the app store and I tunes you can go wrong.

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