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Mortal Skies Rating: ★★★½☆

Back in November we reviewed Roswell Fighter and scored it a decent 4/5 and commented that it had a great atmosphere, simple accurate controls and adrenalin pumping fun. Well now a similar game in the form of Mortal Skies is available in the App Store so how does it compare?

Your craft is similar in the form of an old style fighter jet and similarly your task is to fly your jet up the screen over the the desolate landscape shooting down the never ending onslaught of army planes and helicopters. The game has a distinct military theme to it and not only will you come under attack from the air but you will also find tanks and rocket launchers attempting to take you down from the ground too.

Mortal Skies - Modern War Air Combat ShooterAs is normal in these style of games you’ll find yourself being able to upgrade your basic weapon and pick up other power-ups to aid you on your journey. These bonus weapons can be activated by double taping the screen and as you do you invincibility, megabomb and wingman will swing into action.

Accessing the power-ups is done by shooting down a complete set of any of the wave after wave of enemies that head your way. If you take a offensive approach you will find yourself rewarded with many power-ups which in turn makes things easy for you. Take a defensive stance and you’ll find yourself on the wrong end of a losing battle.

Activating your bonus weapons is easy as are your other controls. Your jet fires automatically and you have to options when in comes to controlling your movement. The first option is to control your jet by moving your finger on the screen. I found this the most responsive but often found my hand blocking parts of the screen and considering that you can be attacked from all angles this can sometimes obscure them.

The other option is to use the accelerometer to move yourself around and while not as responsive it does give you a full field of vision to ensure you aren’t surprised by a sneak attack. You can calibrate the accelerometer control to, so whether you are standing up, sitting or lying down you can get the perfect angel on the action.

Mortal Skies - Modern War Air Combat Shooter5The audio is pretty good and the graphics are effective if nothing spectacular. However while these two aspects don’t add anything to the game they also don’t distract from it either and it certainly shouldn’t detract you from buying the game.

The major down side of this Mortal Skies is that there are only 7 levels to play through and none of them are particularly long either. Although the addition of multiple achievements and an online leader board will add extra longevity to this fun shooter.

If you are a fan of this kind of game you won’t be disappointed, but you may complete it pretty quickly!

The Good

  • Well implemented controls
  • Good range of power-ups

The Not So Good

  • Too Short
  • Plain audio and graphics

Reviewed By: Craig Willis

Mortal Skies

Price: $1.99 (iTunes Store)
Reviewed Version 1.1
Size: 9.0 MB
Seller: Erwin Jansen


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