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Golf games come in all shapes and sizes, from the technical perfection of Tiger Woods PGA Tour to the cartoon fun of Let’s Golf , but however good those two games are, (and they are great), most of us haven’t even walked down a Links golf course let alone played on one. So for a golf game that everyone can relate to there’s mini golf and this time it’s Mini Golf Wacky Worlds from glu mobile, the makers of DeerHunter 3D, Glyder and Build-a-lot to name three of their classics games. So is Mini Golf Wacky World a double-bogey or an albatross or what do you get for your $2.99?

Grab your club and tee off in a fantasy mini-golf game that is out of this world!

Practice putting and sink shots on four different worlds with original courses that will surprise you at every hole. Have you ever played golf on a volcano? Customize your character and upgrade your clubs to get a better score and keep on swinging for a hole in one.

The game features 4 golfers, 4 courses, 15 achievements, multiple clothes, 10 putters and multiple accessories all add up to a lot of content, some of which is available from the start while the extra golfers and courses are unveiled as you progress through the game. The clothes, putters and accessories also get unlocked as you progress through the game with the points you earn. From getting a hole in one, to completing a round below par all earn you points and achievements.

Mini Golf Wacky Worlds is presented in full 3D with multiple camera angles to choose from, the wacky worlds do look great. From the simple holes of Tiki Links and Sky Lands to the more treacherous holes of the Arctic Nine and Cheese World there is a lot of variety in the holes, many of which will take a few goes before you find the best route to keep your scores below par. The holes are all interactive with various obstacles to negotiate including animals from lady bugs to gophers who will either help or hinder the progress of your ball. Sound effects are clear and the background music is good.

Most of the controls are pretty simple and are the usual standard for this genre of games, position, angle, power and shots all via the touch screen and my only gripe here would be is the lack of control of the power via the power bar. Getting an accurate amount of power, esp. on the soft shots can be a little tricky though.

The game is for a single player only with no local or wi-fi multi player options available, with that said there are three versions of mini-golf to play to keep you entertained. The first is a standard game where to progress you need to get a below par score. Then there is Gopher Golf where the standard game is mixed up with the addition of gophers popping up randomly on each hole. When they do popup you have the choice of either knocking them out with the ball for extra points or avoiding them. While knocking them over may sound like the best option be warned, hit them hard enough and they may simply pick and throw your ball right back from whence you came. The final type of game is Timed Golf where instead of trying to complete each hole in a certain number of strokes, instead you have to complete them before the time runs out.

Mini Golf Wacky Worlds is an entertaining game, if you haven’t already bought a mini-golf game then this is a good one to get. Though my expectations were higher for this mini-golf game and yet I was left wanting more.

official-app-store-badge_touch_4Price $2.99

The Good

  • 4 wacky 3d courses
  • Lots of things to unlock
  • Achievements to keep you coming back for more

The Not So Good

  • Doesn’t add anything to the genre
  • No multi-player options

Reviewed By: Craig Willis

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  • xgarriga

    I like minigolf

  • xgarriga

    I like minigolf

  • frankyiscool

    okay this app looks awesome!

  • OTGGamer

    I didn't see this post so I had re-posted with my other account, sorry for the double post.

  • OTGGamer

    Nice review! This looks like a fun app to play on a rainy day, or during the winter when I can't get out on those fake-grass links for real. 😉

  • Brettn

    Nice review, this could be a a fun game for a rainy day or wintertime when I can't get out on the fake-grass links myself. 😉

  • Sam

    RT @Touch_Reviews: Promo Codes Giveaway Mini Golf Wacky Worlds! Details Here:

  • mrholder

    Thanks for the review. I've been on the fence about this one, since I already have another mini golf game.

  • mrholder

    I've been on the fence about this one. Thanks for the review.

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