Microsoft (MSFT) to Open 75 Retail Stores to Compete with Apple (AAPL)

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According to a new report published by Neowin Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) has unveiled plans at their Worldwide Partner Conference for an additional 75 stores in the US, bringing the grand total of retail stores to 86 stores. Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has around 350 retail store locations and continues to add stores in cities all over America, allowing the company to stay ahead of the game and dominate the retail market.

Microsoft (MSFT) has attempted to enter the retail atmosphere in the past, and failed to provide a common theme for their store that customers could relate to. As a result, the 11 Microsoft Retail stores currently in the US, faded away in the shadows of Apple’s (AAPL) retail empire. Now, a few months after Microsoft’s Windows Phone entered the market, Microsoft is planning to once again re-enter the retail market and propose a challenge for Apple.

It is, however, evident that Microsoft is adjusting their strategies based of Apple’s and is readjusting itself to an ever changing market. Microsoft has attempted to create inviting places, with wood surfaces, where customers can enjoy the array of products. The products are available for customers to use and even allows them to ask questions about them at the “Answer Desk”, essentially Microsoft’s form of a Genius Bar.

Microsoft has yet to announce any further plans that they may have, but until they do, it is clear that they are following closely in the footsteps of Apple.

Do you think Microsoft’s new retail stores will pose a threat to Apple? Let us know what you think in the comments.


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  • Bart_MSFT

    Too little. Too late.

  • Philbert

    Wonder how a wooden store decor will be able to compete with black/white/brushed aluminum. Sounds like going to a log cabin to look @ computers that aren’t even manufactured by MSFT? How in the world can this ever work?  It’s almost laughable!

  • TheAnalogKid

    Don’t you need to have compelling products to put in your retail stores first before you can bank on their success?!

  • Steve Jordan

    It’s getting pathetic really… All these companies just trying to copy Apple’s success… How can they copy someone else’s work, and then be proud of themselves? 

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