‘Math Soldiers’ Unique Puzzle Game for iPhone, iPod touch

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Math Soldiers Rating: ★★★☆☆

Math Soldiers is developed by Touch-racjin and is a doodle type puzzle game. Castle Scribbalot is under attack by evil forces and it is your job to complete the puzzles and fight back. It is a strategy game mixed with a bit of fighting action.

The basis of the game is solving the puzzle on the screen, when you solve it your soldiers fight back at the forces of evil. You may have to read the game play instructions a few times first to get the hang of it and to see what each soldier does. You need to clear large soldier panels (which is four squares) off your puzzle. When you do this it deploys your soldier to fight against the enemy. At the top of the screen you can see your enemy in the shape of a creature. It starts at one end if it reaches the other side it wins and the game is over so you need to keep clearing these large panels to fight back.

MATH SOLDIERSNow you may notice when you start playing that there are not any large panels at first. To get them you have to move the small squares up and down or side by side until you get four squares matching then it turns into a large one, then you can clear it. To clear the panel you double tap it. When you do it shows at the top your soldiers that have been deployed and you can then see them hitting the creature and losing some of his life line.

There are different soldiers you can deploy and they are resemembled differently on the large panel. There is a knight who is pictured with a sword to fight enemies best on the ground. An Archer pictured with a bow who is strong against enemies in the air. A Paladin pictured with a hammer who is best against land and air enemies and finally a Guardsman pictured with a shield who can push enemies back.

Now unfortunately the forces of evil do fight back. Sometimes they will fire rocks at you. If one of their rocks lands on your panel it turns that panel into a rock. To get rid of it you need to clear an adjacent large panel and then it reverts back to its original square.

It is up to you when you deploy your soldiers and whether you want to save a few and fight back all at once. You use each soldier panel differently to try and win. For example you could use the Guardsman panel if evil is getting near to winning the game. The guardsman will push the enemy back and it gives you a little more time to try beat them. Each time you play you are timed and the idea is to try and destroy the enemy as quick as you can.

There are two modes easy and hard and different stages, each stage offers a different form of evil creature. I played in the easy mode and to be honest at first I couldn’t really tell if I was doing it correctly. I just kept sliding the small panels until by chance they made it into four matching squares and thats how I continued to play. The game lacks variation in stages as well as in each mode so I felt that to make it more of a game that offered good replay value it needed alot more levels. You could play again to beat your previous time but it would get a bit boring after a while and more levels with different enemies would add that interest to it.

The bright graphics are quite good. They are the doodle style pictures we are seeing more and more in the app store. Very similar to a childs picture with the scribbling coloured in. The sound effects are ok with noises when you deploy your soldiers. There is music as well which suits the game and if need be you do have the option to turn it off. I did because after a while it got a bit annoying.

Math Soldiers is a good puzzle game initially but because it offers hardly any replay value I am not sure how long I would actually keep playing. It is a game that’s got a lot of potential to become a much better and addictive game.

The Good

  • Good doodle graphics
  • Puzzle idea is unique

The Not So Good

  • Not enough levels
  • No replay value

Price: $0.99 (iTunes Store)
Released: Apr 12, 2010
Reviewed Version: 1.0
Size: 10.0 MB
Language: English
Seller: Racjin Co., Ltd.
© Racjin Co.,Ltd.
Rated 4+
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iPhone OS 3.1 or later.


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