Matacritic Launches iOS Channel

A Metacritic game review score is an aggregated score for games, taken from review publications that give out scores for their reviews which fit the Metacritic scale. Basically it needs to be a numeric scale.

Depending on your point of view Metacritic are either heavily influenced by premier games publishers striking up deals with leading publications, or are a good metric to the overall average score a game has got in many popular publications. It is worth noting that Metacritic’s scores (“metascores”) are weighted averages — certain publications are given more significance “based on their stature.” Take that as you will.

Fresh off the back of Apple’s almost 1 Million unit launch weekend for the iPad 2, Metacritic has announced an iOS channel.

The channel’s launch “reflects the critical community’s growing acceptance of the iOS platform as a legitimate, full-fledged gaming system whose games can compete with those designed for the more established, dedicated gaming systems,” Metacritic explained in a statement. It is pretty hard to argue with that rationale these days. iOS and gaming is gaining a critical mass.

There are a couple of other review score aggregators out there, which were created to fill the void that existed without Metacritic in the iOS marketplace. But now they will have to fight it out with what many perceive as the industry standard.

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