Mark Zuckerberg: “iPad’s Not Mobile. It’s A Computer… a Different Thing!”

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Mark Zuckerberg iPad Not Mobile

During the recent Facebook mobile event, CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg was asked about the lack of a native app on the iPad by’s Ben Parr. The astonishing reply? ‘iPad’s not mobile’.

When pushed by Parr, Facebook mobile head Eric Tseng (interestingly enough, Teseng used to be the Android lead at Google) stepped in and explained that the social site’s strategy for tablets wasn’t finalised seeing as the form factor is still brand spanking new (my words, not his).

It’s an interesting response, and one that leads to two conclusions.

Firstly, Zuckerberg must have smaller hands than even myself if he believed the iPad isn’t mobile – though perhaps this is the reason all potential competitors seem to be opting for the 7″ size of the Galaxy Tab and BlackBerry Playbook?

Secondly, Parr believes that the wording of Tseng’s response points to a tablet-specific version of the Facebook website in the future, instead of an app for both Android and iOS. This could make sense, and would obviously make life easier for Facebook. One version of a website is undoubtedly easier to develop than 2 or potentially 3 different apps.

As I recently admitted, I’m not Facebook fan, but are you? Do you use the website or a 3rd party app like Fiedly on your iPad and what do you make of all this? Thoughts in the comments if you please!

[via Business Insider]


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