March of the Dinosaurs Review: A Great Introduction to the Story of Dinosaurs

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Rating: ★★★★☆

March of the Dinosaurs Review: March of the Dinosaurs was released earlier this year to pretty good reviews. It tells the story of two dinosaurs and their adventures growing up in the Artic. March of the Dinosaurs for the iPad is the companion which not only tells the story but also provides detailed background on some of the dinosaurs that are in the movie.

The app begins with a dramatic trailer for the movie, I say trailer, that could easily be replaced by the word advertisements especially as there is a link directly in the app that will take you to the App Store to purchase the app, although at time of writing the link doesn’t work.

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Once you are past the trailer an animated navigation screen gives you access to the 12 chapters of the story, you can jump to each of the chapters directly or begin the story from the start.

The whole story is narrated to you, although it can also be turned off, so you can read along with it and each page includes additional detail regarding the subject of the current part of the story.

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Each page also provides a link to the Meet the Dinosaurs page where 11 of the dinosaurs in the movie are brought to life via interactive animation and looping video clips taken directly from the movie. The clips aren’t long but they are high quality and really help to bring the app to life.

Whether you’ve watched the movie or not if you like dinosaurs March of the Dinosaurs will be a pleasure to use and comes recommended, although some may take a sharp intake of breath at both the price, $7.99 and size 500+ meg.
March of the Dinosaurs - Touch Press
What we like:

  • Movie clips direct from the film
  • Scientific details on all the dinosaurs from the movie
  • Full story narration

What to know:

  • Only 11 dinosaur details included
  • Over ½ GB in size



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