Magnetic Baby Review A Fun Platformer with Depth Beyond Its Cutesy Graphics

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Rating: ★★★★½

Magnetic Baby Review:┬áIt seems that the 3 star rating system for completing levels in games is the way to go and I guess as the saying goes if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The latest to use that method in its game is Magnetic Baby.

The baby in this game is a small spherical character whose task it is to rescue the girl by navigating the 63 levels across three worlds by using the magnetic field of the various worlds to throw yourself around the levels avoiding various obstacles, collecting stars and reaching the girl.

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A nice feature of the game is the fact that there are three control methods. You can either use the accelerometer, a virtual pad and jump button or a drag option where you your character will follow your finger around the screen. You can change these controls on the fly to until you find the one that works for you and for me that was the combination of the virtual pad and jump button.

The game has a great distinctive look about it and this flows through the navigation menu’s and the game itself. The only problem is that some of the navigation buttons are tricky to hit and can take multiple attempts before you succeed!

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After selecting the first world you get to play the first level. Access to subsequent levels is gained by completing each of the previous ones so getting stuck on a level is going to hold you up. Luckily completing the levels is not too difficult, however completing each level with 3 stars is going to be more of a challenge especially on later levels. This method keeps things interesting as while you can complete the game by just reaching your girl on each level you have something to go back for with the collection of the 3 stars on each level.

You roll around the worlds by moving your character left and right and then you can use the jump button to avoid obstacles, jump between worlds and collect stars. The game could equally be called Gravity Baby as when you jump off of the worlds you will find your self in a sling shot motion around the world, this is especially the case the more speed you have!

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As well as jumping between worlds certain worlds contain portals which you can travel through and as you progress through the levels you will also find spinning spikes, spiked gates and lasers that will instantly kill you.

While completing the game with 3 stars on each level may seem like the end of the game you can still go back and try and beat your fastest time so there is a lot of value to this game and that’s even before you count the Achivements and Leaderboards provided by the OpenFeint integration.

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Overall Magnetic Baby is a fun and challenging platformer with a lot of depth. At just 99 cents this is a game that would be a welcome addition to anyone’s game catalogue.
Magnetic Baby - Bravery

  • 63 challenging levels
  • Multiple ways to complete the game
  • 3 easy control options


  • Tricky navigation buttons


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