MADDEN NFL 10 for iPhone: Killer Game With Glitz, Glamor and Substance

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Madden NFL 10 iPhone

Madden NFL 10 Rating: ★★★★★

On a day when the new range of iPods were launched, iTunes 9 was released, TweetDeck was updated to 0.30 and Google launched Monopoly City Streets I found it pretty amazing that it was something else that got me more excited than all of those items added together, that being this game, Madden 10.

Madden 10 has been dominating the American Football market for years but what’s new this year is the release of Madden 10 for the iPhone/iPod touch. If/when you decide to download it beware, it comes in at a little over 100mb so you may want to wait until you have wi-fi access.

Before you do anything you have to choose your team from a selection of all the officially licensed teams. The backgrounds while navigating the menus are all high quality in game images from the NFL or are themed based on the team you are playing as. It all oozes quality and we haven’t even launched the game yet. So will Madden 10 be all glitz and glamor with no substance?

Most people will jump straight into Play Now, after all if you’ve just spent $8 on an app you don’t want to waste time. In Play Now mode you get to play a one off game between the teams of your choice there is also Season mode where you can take your team to the Super Bowl and attempt to win the Vince Lombardi Trophy. After selecting Play Now and choosing your opponent you are ready to start the game for real.

One of the many good things about Madden 10 is that each time you start part of the game that you haven’t played before you are provided with details on how the controls work. Before your first kick you’ll be shown how you can aim and control the power, before your first run play you are shown how to snap and control your running backs and you are also shown how to control passing plays before you throw your first pass. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot to remember but the detailed screen shoots and descriptions will have you using the basics in no time and the more advanced moves after just a few games. The one button you’ll use often esp. to begin with in the action button which will slow down the action for approx. 10 seconds allowing you to scan the action and choose the appropriate action from hand offs, spins, sprints, jukes. Whether you are making a break for that whole for your running back to burst through or making a game changing tackle it can be the difference between winning and losing the game.

The in play controls are via a virtual d-pad on left and virtual action buttons on the right, for the lefties out there the d-pad and buttons can be switched, while the play options are navigated though with large easily navigated menus which you can scroll though easily and effectively. And when it comes to picking your play there are a blur of options to choose from. They are all categorized under Run, Short Pass, Long Pass and Special and even if that wasn’t enough to choose from not only can you flip your plays but you can also draw your own routes, yes, your own routes.

When you are ready to take a snap, simply click the Routes button to view the routes your receivers are going to take. From this screen you can select any of your receivers re-draw their route directly on the screen. This isn’t something that you’ll want to do often but the satisfaction when you finally complete a pass on one of your drawn routes is only superseded by scoring a touchdown from one!

The game does have in game advertising but it’s relatively unobtrusive to the extent that you don’t really even notice it. Also while future updates promise multi-player and additional roster updates and authentic jerseys the latter are said not to be free, how that will play out remains to be seen.

Overall EA’s Madden 10 plays a game on a handheld device the way it should. It’s easy to pick and play when you need a quick blast and yet in it’s season mode it has enough depth to keep you going for hours. There’s no reason why this game shouldn’t be on every football fans iPhone or iPod Touch, it’s a killer app, with glitz, glamour and substance.


Price $7.99 (Special Price)

The Good

  • Easy to get started but enough depth to keep it interesting
  • Great graphics
  • Great sound inc. commentary.

The Not So Good

  • In game advertising
  • So many options!

Reviewed By: Craig Willis

Madden NFL 10 Screenshots

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