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OS X Lion Mac App Store Download How To Buy

Apple earlier today released Mac OS X Lion GM seed to developers as it prepares for the official launch of the next major software upgrade. The Golden Master seed is the same version which will be made publicly available when the update hits Apple’s Mac App Store for $29.99.

Unlike previous software upgrades Apple will make OS X Lion exclusively available on Mac App Store. The download is expected to be around 4GB so if you’re are on a slower connection you might just have to wait longer before you can actually install the update.

Once Lion is purchased it will appear on your Dock, when you click the icon it will begin the installation process seamlessly. The upgrade will bring over 250 new user features which include but not limited to multi-touch gestures, resume, auto save, versions, air drop and much more.

Developers can download OS X Lion GM build by logging into the developer portal. A developer account is required to install and run this version.

During ‘Back to the Macevent Apple explained that Lion has been inspired by the advancements made on the iPad. Full-screen apps and Launchpad are two such features which almost mimic the way Apple’s tablet works.

The release was expected in July and 9to5 Mac speculates based on rumors and reports OS X Lion could launch on July 14th and further suggests that the updated MacBook Air could also be unveiled on the same day.

Are you excited about Lion? Worried about compatibility with your apps? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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