‘Luxe Original’ by iFrogz Case Review for iPhone 4S / 4

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Rating: ★★★★☆

iFrogz have a huge range of products and and the ‘Luxe Original’ case for iPhone 4S / 4 itself comes in a choice of 8 color combinations which, if you had more than one of the cases, would allow you to mix and match thanks to the 2 piece style that allows the top and bottom piece of the case to slide together over your phone.

The case itself comes encased in a plastic/cardboard combination and it’s nice to find that it’s possible to get into it without having to result to scissors, knives or a blow-torch!

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The case feels solid even before it’s put around the phone and the inside of the back of the case is lined with velvet to both protect the back of you iPhone and provide a snug fit.

As mentioned previously the case is split approx. a third of the way up and simply snaps apart allowing you to slide each piece on to the iPhone snapping securely together as they meet in the middle.

The case adds no more bulk to the iPhone than an Apple Bumper does and provides protection for the back of the phone as well, while also leaving all ports and buttons available to keep the phone fully functional. This is especially the case for the charging port which is left wide open and will allow the largest of connectors to fit.

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Despite the solid feel of the case it’s also soft to the touch, unfortunately like the iPhone itself it does pick up smudges and fingerprints easily especially if you have greasy fingers. The good news is though that those marks can also be wiped off easily.

The LuxeOriginal case by iFrogz provides an excellent amount of protection without losing anything in style. This is especially the case if you go for one of the color cases. It can be purchased for around $30 (ZAGG online store) from the iFrogz website and all other good stores.

What we like:

  • Strong protection
  • Velvet inner seal
  • Not too bulky

What to know:

  • Picks up smudges easily



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