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Living Word Rating: ★★★★☆

Before I start on this review let me make something clear, I am not an expert, in anyway, on the Bible, but I don’t think that should prevent me from writing a fair and balanced review. After all I’ve never landed an airplane but can still rate Flight Control, I’ve never hit a baseball but can still review Baseball Slugger so Living Word shouldn’t be a problem either.

Living Word iPhone

LivingWorldApps say that Living Word is an iPhone App that combines God’s Promises to help people to focus on the true Promises of God & overcome daily life challenges and with that claim in mind they have done a pretty good job. For one the app looks great, each screen has a beautiful high quality image as it’s background image definitely adds to the biblical verse that is presented in the foreground. The navigation is intuitive too with smooth scrolling menu’s and the ability to swipe through verses via the touch screen.

The main menu presents you with a few options, firstly you can use the search functionality to search for a particular verse or a verse on a specific subject, you can view verse based on their content in the form of ‘When you feel…’, Angry, Lonely or Sad for example, or ‘When you need…’ Comfort, Grace or Peace. The other alternative is to view all 287 verses. There is one area where I feel that the app is let down, some additional content may be needed for added value.

This app allows you to view each verse in many of it’s different iterations from the original and new King James Versions to the Good News Translation and even simplified Chinese there’s a version for everyone and reading the different interpretations of the same verses can be interesting in their own right.

The app is customizable too. If you don’t like the gorgeous background images you can change it to a solid color of your choice instead. You can also change the font and default translation should you need too. Finally you can mark your most popular verses as favorites which can then be easily accessed via the home page.

People looking for detailed account of the Bible should look elsewhere but for a quick reference guide to key verses on specific subjects this app should provide ample options.

Price $1.99

The Good

  • Looks great
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Easy search

The Not So Good

  • Not enough content
  • No ability to add notes

Reviewed By: Craig Willis


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