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Steve Jobs Favorite Music

Apple’s former CEO Steve Jobs passed away on Wednesday, October 5th after fighting with a rare form of pancreatic cancer. Everyone in the tech industry and beyond have been sharing their thoughts and memories of how he impacted people in many ways. People around the world gathered around Apple’s retail stores to pay tribute to Apple’s “visionary and creative genius”.

We know about Jobs love for music which lead to the introduction of the original iPod and iTunes. iPod transformed the face of digital music industry and the risk Apple took in 2001 has turned out to be one of the iconic products introduced by the Cupertino, California-based company.

Even at Apple’s special media event held on October 4th to announce iPhone 4S, Phil Schiller while announcing the updates for the iPod product lineup said, “we love music, we’re gonna continue making world’s best music players.”

If you want to listen to Steve Jobs favorite music on your iPad then you can head over to and checkout the special playlist called “Steve Jobs’s Favourites”. The site loads as HTML5 web app and streams unlimited free music. The playlist includes artists like The Rolling Stones, Cat Stevens, Jackson Browne, Miles Davis and more. The Beatles doesn’t actually feature in that playlist but can be accessed by searching for the artist.


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