‘Lead Wars’ Multiplayer Turn Based Warfare for iPhone and iPad

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Rating: ★★★★☆

20110501-104503.jpg Lead Wars is a turn based pencil and paper war game where skills in strategy become equally important. This game is no joke, it takes some serious strategic prowess and even more skills to rid the map of your enemy before they take all of your weapons out. With a simple control system and addictive competitive feel, this game will draw you in quickly. The game’s concept is simple; eliminate all of enemy’s pieces before they eliminate yours.

The control system In Lead Wars (available on the App Store) can seem pretty confusing but once you walk through the tutorials you’ll see that it takes a little time and you’ll be maneuvering just fine. You use a pencil to mark on the map where you want to go. The thing is, you have to tap and move in the opposite direction and then drag the pencil in the direction you want to go. It sounds more complicated than it really is but it will take a little time to master this so don’t get frustrated right away. The shooting mechanism works in a same fashion. I took some considerable time playing this game because I wanted to get a good feel of how long it took to master the controls. Trust me, at first it seems like you can’t get it just right but over time it gets easier and easier until you’re moving around like a pro. However, once you master this, you have to worry about strategy. Strategy can make or break your game. The first few games I tried the bum rush method and got beat quick. Each player has their own style but I must say you must keep your head about you because someone who knows how to shoot will make you pay for ill-advised moves.
20110501-104516.jpg This game is loaded with features that make increase its value everywhere you look. You have the ability to listen to your music as you play the game which I absolutely love. There are several game modes like: You vs. CPU, You vs. Friend (local), You vs. Friend (online) and You vs. Random Person (online). This keeps the opponent different and makes the games more interesting. You can also watch your opponent move about the map in online games to get an idea of their strategy. This is something I recommend doing because it helps add to your ability.

You have three types of pieces at your disposal: Tanks, Artillery Units and Planes. The all serve a purpose but I must say that the planes are my favorite. They all move and shoot which is great but the planes fly and have the ability to fly over trees, walls and barricades. The tanks and artillery units are limited to driving around these obstacles. Something important to keep in mind with the planes is that when they stop they must be over open land. They take off and land like real planes and therefore cannot land if they are over a tree or barricade or they will crash. Planes are one of your biggest assets so be sure to take good care of them and try not to be too reckless with them.

There are six standard maps that come with this game right away. Six seems to be plenty as each map is unique and have their own personality and obstacles. Perhaps my favorite feature is that they have a map creator that allows you to create custom maps to use in the game. I had a blast playing with this feature and really had fun being creative with the layouts. There are also four types of paper and three different pencils since this is a pencil and paper based game I thought that that was pretty cool as well. You have the capability of having up to 25 local games going at the same time with an auto-save feature that allows you to move from game to game without losing your progress.
20110501-104523.jpg The presentation of this game is unique in that it is a pencil and paper based game. With that being said, I love it. The sounds are one of my favorite parts. I don’t want to give away that part but I will say that the unique noise when you shoot had me cracking up when I first picked up the game. The visuals are great as they do a great job of making the map as realistic as possible both as a war zone and as a map drawn by pencil. The shooting animations are great and a perfect fit for this game. The entire theme of the game is portrayed by the appearance and sounds of this game and I personally thought they did a great job. The use of Game Center for achievements and online play is awesome as well. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who likes strategy turn based games. You’ll definitely love this game.


  • Great Presentation
  • Map Creator
  • Online and Local Gameplay


  • Would like to have a few more pieces to use like helicopters
  • A little color would be nice


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