Lawsuit Claims Apple Crippled iPhone 3G With iOS 4 to Increase iPhone 4 Sales

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In a lawsuit filed in the Superior Court of California for San Diego, plaintiff Biana Wofford claims that Apple purposely crippled the iPhone 3G with its iOS 4 software in a bid to boost sales of its new iPhone 4.

The iOS 4 software launched for the iPhone 3G and 3GS users just days before the launch of the iPhone 4, and users of the earlier model iPhone soon began to realize that the software wasn’t what they were hoping for, with many reports of extremely slow performance, and a long list of bugs. 3G users were also unhappy that their devices missed out on new features, like multitasking, home screen backgrounds, and Apple’s Game Centre.

Wofford hopes to get her lawsuit elevated to class action status, and she claims Apple knew that the update from iOS 3 would turn her iPhone 3G into a “device with little more use than that of a paper weight.” Moreover, Wofford criticizes Apple for not allowing users to simply downgrade their device software without becoming a “hacker.” I’m sure most iOS users will agree, that, once you’ve updated your software, for the average user it isn’t easy to downgrade again.

“Even though Apple has actual knowledge of thousands of complaints from iPhone 3G/3GS consumers, Apple does not allow for those same users/consumers of third generation devices to download and re-install earlier and optimized iOS3.x operating system without resorting to ‘hacker’ tactics that will void Apple warranties and violate iPhone user agreements,” Wofford wrote.

Although Wofford’s case joins a long list of others filed by unhappy users over iPhone-related issues, this is the first to take aim at the performance of iOS 4 on Apple’s aging 3G device. And Wofford’s issues have been very well documented since the release of the iOS 4 firmware.

Will Wofford’s case disappear like the many others, never to be heard of again? Or will it motivate Apple to finally reach out to the many unhappy 3G users and allow them to downgrade their device’s firmware through iTunes? Let’s wait and see!

Are you using an iPhone 3G running the iOS 4 firmware? If so, what’s your experience been like, and given the opportunity, would you downgrade to iOS 3? Let us know in the comments.

[via Ars Technica]


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  • Rcarrier

    I use a 3G and if given the chance to downgrade to OS 3, I would do so in a heat beat! My phone crashes all the time, it takes almost 45-60 seconds to open anything! I can have a full text message typed out before it even appears on the screen. OS 4 has ruined the ease and simplicity of using an iPhone.

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