Korean Family Sue Apple over iPhone 3G Water Damage Issue

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Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) are in court again, but this time with what looks like a lawsuit that is more altruistic than opportunistic. The case is being brought against Apple by the parents of a 13 year old Korean girl who owns an iPhone 3G.

Out here in Asia the humidity is very high indeed most of the year. And the little pads that Apple stash inside their iPhones, and some laptops, to double check if devices have actually been dropped in water, or put through the wash when users claim they have broken through normal use, often register false positives. This is something that Apple are not keen to acknowledge, and is increasingly frustrating for those of us who have not dropped our iPhones in the loo by accident, but simply live in humid climes.

Lee Chui-ho, the father of a Korean girl who fell foul of Apple’s moisture sensor policy, has filed a suit against Apple in Korea for the cost of an iPhone 3G’s repair, which an Apple service centre refused to cover under warranty. The Apple Centre claimed that the iPhone must have been subjected to water damage by the Korean girl. The girl, and the family deny that.

Apparently once the suit was filed Apple’s legal council in Korea made an out of court settlement offer for the value of the claim in what they now say was a “routine” offer to “seek possible compromise between disputing parties before court hearings begin”.

Lee has refused the offer however, apparently not because they want any more than their costs returned, but to set a precedent so that others in Asia will not be subjected to the same treatment. And ultimately, hopefully, to reverse or at least temper Apple’s policy in humid countries.

“Although we filed the suit to receive the repair fees, the ultimate purpose of the suit was aimed at demanding that Apple improve its service policy so that people facing similar situations can get back unjustly paid repair expenses,” Lee said. “There is no point of raising the suit if only one individual gets compensation.”

The approach to this case is refreshingly honest. And I for one wish them luck in court against Apple on the 13th of January.

Disclosure : I have three iPhones. And am happy with them all. Although one of them has moisture sensors which show it has been dunked, when I know full well it has not.

Have you had a bad experience with Apple moisture sensors? Let us know in the comments.

{via The Korea Herald}


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    This is a coolest site. Thanks for the site.

  • ChryssGryss

    “… but to set a president so that others in Asia will not be subjected to the same treatment.” You mean “set a precedent.” Is anyone editing this stuff?

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