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Kindle from Amazon has been creating a lot of buzz but if you own an iPhone or iPod touch you might have skipped reading all the praise Kindle received. The revolutionary iPhone OS combined with the multitouch technology and Kobo for iPhone turns your iDevice into an eBook reader for free.

If you are an avid reader or dislike carrying paperback books then Kobo is a great solution as it offers a very intuitive user interface and allows you to browse over 2 million titles. The app allows you to Discover your next read by letting you browse pre-defined lists and categories which include What’s New, NYT Bestsellers – Fiction, True Stories, Free Classic Books and more.

If you buy eBooks with Kobo then you can avail special discounts on all New York Times bestsellers and up to 40% off on regular retail prices of other eBooks.

Kobo is free (iTunes Store) and definitely worth checking out!


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  • Byron

    Kobo doesn't work. Paid for book that says it is available in ePUB format. Paid, then the link downloaded a 16k file. Clicked on the file, which apparantly supposed to download the real book, did nothing and Windows didn't know what to do with file. After several days of dealing with the Kobo people I gave up as they appeared clueless to what was going on. There are other places I can buy books that you can download without problem immediately.

  • Zamurai

    Thats a great news.Free ebooks are available now so much .

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