Noteworthy Games : Kill Timmy, Hex Slide 10,000 and Damian Filigree: the Book of Thoth

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Kill Timmy for iPhone : Become the Grim Reaper Practise your trade when you Kill Timmy

Kill Timmy

Kill Timmy

Ever wanted to step into the shoes of the Grim Reaper and take your sythe to the neck of a mere mortal? Well now you can in the humorous physics game Kill Timmy. Across 60 levels your task is to find a way to kill Timmy, a stick man in a stick world by using items within the environment to squash, chop, bash and slice to death.

You are guided through the levels by the Grim Reaper himself guiding you on how to use the various tools at your disposal. Each level will present you with a variety of objects and ways to utilize them. This is all done relatively easily using the touch screen and once all the pieces are in place you can click on the start button and watch the action take place.

Hopefully the end result is the demise of Timmy together with an appropriate splattering of blood allowing you move to the next levels. A nice touch is that more than a single level is available at any one time so if you are stuck on a level you can try other levels before coming back to it.

For 99 cents you will find an decent amount of fun in the 60 levels despite a few rough edges in the graphics and controls but with additional levels being promised by the developers already you could do a lot worse then join in attempting to Kill Timmy. ($.99, View in iTunes)

Hex Slide 10,000 for iPhone A Puzzle Game with great value for Money

My first introduction to the type of puzzle in Hex Slide 10,000 were in the form of moving cars in horizontal and vertical directions to allow a specific car to get out of the car park. In Hex Slide 10,000 though the formality of cars and car parks is replaced by a variety of hexagons joined to a variety of shapes, the premise is exactly the same though.

Hex Slide 10000

Hex Slide 10000

One piece in each puzzle is colored red and it’s this piece that you must maneuver out of the puzzle by moving any of other ones back and fourth to clear a path. The premise is simple as are the controls and menu and while the levels can seem a little repetitive at times is that any surprise considering that the 10,000 in the title refers to the number of levels in the game!

The game can be played in casual or competitive mode with the later tracking the number of moves taken for you to beat on future attempts.

You can play through the 10,000 levels in any order and your overall progress can be tracked in the Master Map that shows the progress in all 10,000 puzzles on a single page.

If you like these types of puzzles then Hex Slide 10,000 will keep you occupied for a long time to come and even the lack of any leader boards or co-operative play shouldn’t prevent you from splashing some cash. ($.99, View in iTunes)

Damian Filigree: the Book of Thoth for iPhone A Match 3 type game which is high on quality but low on variety

Damian Filigree the Book of Thoth

Damian Filigree the Book of Thoth

Deep inside an Egyptian tomb Damian Filigree is fighting for his life against puzzles, traps and a mummy and it’s your task to help rescue him from the darkness.

You complete this challenge by completing match 3 puzzles using row of hieroglyphic tiles that you can rotate to make a row of three or more. Completing the puzzles is relatively easy once you have understood how the tiles move but as you progress the number of tiles and the variety of pictures on the tiles increase to keep things interesting.

While completing the puzzles you get to witness Damian making his way through the tomb, avoiding the traps and hopefully out running the mummy that is protecting the tomb.

The game looks good and has nice atmospheric sound effects unfortunately the puzzles are a little too repetitive and so you may find yourself getting bored pretty quickly. If you like Egyptian tales though and puzzle games Damian Filigree: the Book of Thoth should keep you entertained for a while. ($.99, View in iTunes)


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