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With the release date of iOS 5 only weeks, if not days away, the men and women of the Jailbreak community are making it more and more difficult for me to upgrade my device as they keep adding more and more reasons to keep my device Jailbroken.

Hot on the heels of the great Gesturizer tweak I’ve got hold of KBShortcuts, a tweak that adds a plethora of shortcuts to your iOS devices’ virtual keyboard.

After installing the tweak via Cydia a new option will be available in your settings menu to turn on the tweak as well as change some settings, more of those later.

As soon as the tweak is enabled the majority of the shortcuts are active including those that you will know from you computers keyboard, namely Cut, Copy and Paste via the X, C and V buttons.

Activating any of the actions is a simple task of dragging your finger from the space bar to the key of the shortcut that you wish to activate.

You also don’t need to select the word the you need to cut or copy as it will automatically select either the word the cursor is in the middle of or in front of, it really couldn’t be any easier.

Cut, copy and paste are just the beginning of the shortcuts that are available, Z & R will undo and redo respectively while @ will insert the email address that you have set in the KBShortcut settings page.

The full list of shortcuts is as follows:

@ – Insert email
a – Select all
b – Set bookmark
c – Copy
d – Define word
e – End of document
f – Search
g – Go to
h – Beginning of document (home)
i – Line up
j – Previous character
k – Line down
l – Next character
m – Next word
n – Previous word
o – Toggle overwrite
p – End of line
q – Start of line
r – Replace
s – Select current/Pervious word
t – Translate
u – Toggle case
v – Paste
w – Word count
x – Cut
y – Redo
z – Undo
0 – Insert favorite
1 – Insert favorite
2 – Insert favorite
3 – Insert favorite
4 – Insert favorite
5 – Insert favorite
6 – Insert favorite
7 – Insert favorite
8 – Insert favorite
9 – Insert favorite

Looking at this list you may be thinking that you are never going to remember all these shortcuts so it defeats the object, however after just a few hours of using KBShortcuts my most frequently used shortcuts have become second nature.

This is now one of my most frequently used Jailbreak tweaks and the beauty of it is that you don’t feel like you are using a tweak as it just feels so right and natural.

KBShortcuts is available in Cydia now for $2.50.


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