Jungle Style Pinball for iPhone | Great Addition to Anyones Pinball Table Collection

Jungle Style Pinball Rating: ★★★★½

I think the title pretty much sums up what you are getting when you make this purchase, a pinball table with a jungle theme to it, nothing more, nothing less. Let it be said though that is no bad thing. Jungle Style Pinball keeps things simple. There is only one table, a single menu to scroll through and two buttons to play with so if you are new to pinball then there couldn’t be a better game to start out with.

The game starts with a top-down floating shot of the pinball table and you instantly see that the table is graphically beautiful. The jungle theme is wall to wall, from the trees and vines of the table walls and the flora and fauna covering the table floor to the wooden bridge style ramps & lanes to the app standing tall over the playing area itself. And the jungle theme is also enhanced by the music and animal noises which is all in keeping with the overall theme.

A great looking table doesn’t make a great pinball game on it’s own however, it has to have a good feel to it too which is based on the features and their placement. The objects on the table include multiple spinners, drop targets, bumpers and slingshots to name just a few of the items but even with all these objects and the multiple rails that bend around the table it never feels cluttered and after a few goes you will soon get a feel of the table that will help you to start racking up the big points.

Ultimately the aim of any pinball game is to score as many points as possible and that is no different here, however the in game target appears to revolve around moving a ball through the center of a maze by triggering it to rotate one step at a time and I imagine that this is where you will be rewarded with the really big points. I say I imagine and that’s because I’ve never actually been able to reach the center of the maze before I have run out of balls but as this is an addictive game I will continue to try!

As mentioned previously the controls are very simple. Touching the right side of the screen fires the right flippers while touching the left side of the screen will fire the left hand flippers and because the game doesn’t restrict you to pressing a couple of virtual buttons to do this it means watching a ball slide down into the out hole as you miss the flipper button almost non-existent. You also have the option to play the game viewing the whole table or can zoom for a closer view where the table will then scroll with the ball. Both views work well and it will be a personal preference as to which you use.

Your best scores are recorded locally and if you wish it can be submitted to the global high score board, be warned though, the global high scores are massive and it will take some serious pinball skills and time to reach the top echelons of the global high score board.

Sometimes you don’t need bells and whistles in a game to make it stand out from the crowd, you simply need it to do what it’s supposed to with quality and substance and that’s exactly what you get with Jungle Style Pinball. If you are looking for your first pinball game for your iPhone/iPod touch or are looking to add a new one to your collection you won’t be disappointed with the 99c you spend on Jungle Style Pinball.

The Good

  • Addictive game play
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Great style

The Not So Good

  • Only one table

Reviewed by: Craig Willis

Jungle Style Pinball iPhone

Price: $.99 (iTunes Store) as of 18 Jan
Reviewed Version: 1.0
Size: 16.1 MB
Seller: GameProm


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