Jaws Revenge Review: Get Back Into the Water in this Bloody Thirsty Marine Romp

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Jaws Revenge Review iPhone iPad-3

Rating: ★★★★½

Jaws Revenge Review: Not even Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus has been able to knock Jaws off of the marine animal horror genre and even now, 30+ years after it’s original release it’s still as scary as ever. Much of that is thanks to the amazing music which is now the renowned sound for warning of impending doom. Thankfully in Jaws Revenge a reworked version of this music is included as the back-drop to the game and it still sends those chills down my spine!

Jaws Revenge for iPhone and iPad {$.99} puts you in control of the great white shark made famous by the movie and as the title implies it is out for revenge. Revenge comes in the form of eating swimmers, divers, fish, boats, jet-skiers, even helicopters and it’s a bloody revenge too.

Jaws Revenge Review iPhone iPad-1

The game initially includes 30 levels spread out over three worlds with each level providing a range of challenges that must be completed to move onto the next level and ultimately unlock the subsequent worlds. These challenges range from eating X number of swimmers, scoring X number of points and reaching a certain distance on the level, in this case marked of by numbed buoys.

As with an iOS game that is going to be a success as the controls are simple, holding a finger on the screen will make the shark dive to the bottom of the screen and releasing it will launch the shark out of the water, his jaws devouring anything and everything in it’s path. While the shark is in the air you can also tap the screen to make the shark lurch forward to help you grab additional food.

While completing the initial levels I was able to complete the challenges often in the first attempt, however as you progress the challenges get harder and either multiple attempts will be required or you will need to upgrade your shark which you can do via the in-game store. Coins are earned based on your success in the game and as is usual in these games you can buy additional coins should you want to speed up your progress, this is not required however. Extra coins can also be earned by posting your success to Twitter and Facebook.

Jaws Revenge Review iPhone iPad-2

While the levels are relatively similar the challenges are fun and once completed also unlock a free swim mode where you can post scores to Game Center enabled leaderboards to challenge your friends. Achievements are also available via the Game Center integration although they are simple linked to the progress in the game.

The graphics a good with a great looking animated shark really looking good, especially as the blood starts to discolor the water which takes place during frenzy mode, a power-up that can be either earned or brought which makes your shark get extra aggressive, point scoring in this mode is also increased.

As mentioned earlier the game is certainly enhanced by the reworked Jaws theme that plays in the background while the screams and shouts of the people out on the water as they are about to be caught in the sharks jaws add to the atmosphere too.

Jaws Revenge Review iPhone iPad-4

There is no multi-player option in the game so comparisons with your friends via the Game Center is your only competitive option with your friends. One great edition though was the apps recognition that I was on iOS 5 with iCloud enabled. With this setup progress between my iPhone and iPad was kept in sync meaning that I didn’t have to repeat levels that I”d already cleared on the other device.

Jaws Revenge is an enjoyable game and despite lacking any multi-player option it is highly recommended especially at the $0.99 price point for a universal app.
Jaws™ Revenge - Fuse Powered Inc.
What we like:

  • Blood thirsty arcade fun
  • 30 levels + more to come
  • iCloud sync between devices

What to know:

  • No multi-player option


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