‘Janryumon for iPad’ Review: Mahjong for the iPad Era

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Rating: ★★★★☆

Janryumon for iPad Review: Mahjong is an ancient game that has been brought to the iPad in the form of Janryumon {$0.99}. The game is a great adaptation for players of all abilities. The ancient Asian game of mahjong is well suited to the touch screen interface of the iPad.

Players new to the game can work through a thorough tutorial to understand the rules. More experienced players can go straight to single player mode, where it’s you against three “computer” opponents. Or if you want some more animated competition, you can go to network mode and play against other people in an online environment.

Knowing nothing of the game, the tutorial was simple to understand even if it was lengthy. It was broken into chapters so you could do it a piece at a time if you were short of time or wanted to repeat sections. Your teachers were three anime-style sisters who were learning along with you. Perhaps the story was a bit hokey, but it was an effective teaching environment.

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The single player mode was straightforward enough. The table is laid out and your tiles are dealt. The other players take their turns efficiently and you simply tap the chosen tile to lay it down. The game keeps score, counts down, and tallies the winner when it’s complete.

The network mode allows you to choose from different game options: regular ¼, regular half, and friendly. After choosing one, you enter into a lobby to wait for your randomly chosen opponents to congregate. You need an account to play the network mode and can choose to set up a Janryumon account, or connect the game to your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

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The display is clear and smooth with the expected traditional Asian background music. Using the touch interface is almost the same as playing with real tiles. The screen is well laid out and doesn’t introduce a lot of extraneous details.

If you like mahjong, or would like to learn to play, Janryumon is a great option to test and improve your skills.
Janryumon for iPad - NCsoft
What we like:

  • Nice animation of tiles and hands of players
  • In-depth tutorial
  • Single player and network play available

What to know:

  • If you’re new, it will take a bit to learn


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