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iSpider Rating: ★★★★½

Some games execute well because they involve well thought out storylines, complex interactions, and great graphics. Other games execute well because they have a simple story, simple and solid interactions, and good gameplay. iSpider from Replay Games may not rival other games for complexity of graphics or number of explosions but it’s simple, easy to use interface and good gameplay puts it solidly into the second category.

Simple, addictive and charismatic game to play alone or with the aid of your friends and family.
iSpider is a great family game! Try it with your kids.

iSpider’s back story is simple; you’re a hungry spider and you need to catch supper or you’re a goner. Bugs of varying types and sizes land on your web and you need to catch them to keep your hunger from overcoming you. Take too long to catch enough bugs and it’s game over.

Part of the appeal of iSpider is the simplicity of the interface. Whereas the trend in iPhone games lately has been to add more buttons or virtual joysticks to the interface (or, Heaven help us, another tilt-driven game), iSpider just depends on you and dexterity. The majority of the screen is taken up by the web playing surface. Minimal real estate is devoted to a meter at the top of the screen and mute and pause buttons and score at the bottom of the screen.

Spider iPhone

Game play is accomplished through multi-touch interactions. Bugs appear on the web and you must hold your finger on them until they’ve been captured. Bigger bugs have to be held down longer than small bugs and several bugs can be captured simultaneously. As the game progresses, bugs appear faster and in more numbers. You’ll find yourself wishing you more fingers to get in on the action as play continues. If possible, play this game somewhere you can put your iPhone on flat surface to get as many fingers in on the action.

Another strength of this game is the broad appeal of the subject. I personally found the game very engaging and interesting, as I think even a child would. And because capturing bugs isn’t a terribly violent, or violently depicted, act I’d have no problem passing this game to a child to keep them occupied.

Overall I really enjoyed playing this game. The only improvement I would suggest is the implementation of a level system. Although difficulty progresses through the arc of the game, you start at the same point at the beginning of each new game. Implementing am Easy, Medium, and Difficult starting point would vary the experience of an already great game.

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At $0.99 you won’t find a more enjoyable game for the whole family. Let iSpider capture you in its web.

The Good

  • Well executed game play.
  • Broad audience appeal.
  • Multi-touch play makes for an entertaining experience.

The Not So Good

  • No beginning leveling system

Reviewed By: Erin Peterson

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