iRepton for iPhone Will Bring Enjoyment To Its Original Fans

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iRepton Rating: ★★☆☆☆

There are some retro games that are even too retro for me and this one is a prime example of that. iRepton was first released on the BBC B Microcomputer was a big hit, unfortunately the BBC B Micro wasn’t so the number of retro gamers that remember Repton may be pretty limited.

iRepton iPhone iPad Game ReviewThe game offers two modes of player enhanced and retro with the only difference being the graphics. When I launched the game it was like a blast from the past with the chunky graphics and limited controls, so I went to the options page to switch to the enhanced mode only to find that I was already playing the advanced mode and that the retro mode took retro game to to whole new era. Were graphics really that bad in the early eighties?

The sound hasn’t been improved on since the original game either and it’s full of simple electronic beeps and blips which sometime resemble a tune but again it’s probably only something that fans of the original game or fans of 80’s gaming in general are going to enjoy.

Back to the game and the aim of iRepton is to clear each of the 60+ levels of the abundant diamonds that are scattered around each of the cavernous underground mazes. You do this by moving your lizard around the screen by touch the screen in the direction you want him to go. The accuracy of the controls are not too good any very often I would find myself repeatedly missing a a diamond or path, a virtual d-pad control would have worked better here I think.

The most popular game that you could compare iRepton too is Boulderdash and just like that there are are puzzles, boulders and monsters to also contend with on each of the levels. As you move around the levels picking up all the diamonds you will need to push boulders out of the way, ensuring that you don’t block your path as you do, and be careful not to hatch the dragons from their eggs. If a dragon does hatch you will need to be fast on your feet to avoid them all cleverly use a boulder to squash it!

iRepton iPhone iPad Game Review_2Each level is bigger than the iPhone/iPod touch screen and so to plan your success you can zoom out and view the whole maze. This helps you out immensely and can not only be the difference between success and failure but also between enjoyment and frustration.

For fans of the original iRepton I’m sure that this port to the iPhone/iPod touch will bring plenty of enjoyment and it’s true that there is plenty of content here that should keep you entertained for a while even without leader boards or multi-player options. At $5 it’s an expensive trip down memory lane and will probably only appeal to iRepton fan boys, if there are any of them left!

The Good

  • 60+ Large Puzzling Levels

The Not So Good

  • Retro Graphics and More Retro Graphics
  • Poor accuracy of controls
  • Retro gaming at a high price

Reviewed By: Craig Willis

iRepton Gameplay

Price: $4.99 (iTunes Store)
Released: Feb 12, 2010
Reviewed Version: 1.0
Size: 25.3 MB
Languages: English
Seller: Wireless Automation Solutions Software
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