Dev Team shows iPod touch 4G jailbreak using SHAtter exploit

In a video posted to their blog, the Chronic Dev Team (the guys behind all kinds of iOS hacks) have shown an iPod Touch 4G running iOS 4.1 being jailbroken using PwnageTool. Using the latest SHAtter exploit, the video shows a custom firmware installed along with the usual Cydia app store and root access.

This video potentially points toward a release of PwnageTool and greenpois0n sooner rather than later, with things like the UI and UX being tidied up.

When released, PwnageTool looks to be the way to go should you wish to unlock an iPhone 4 in the future, with greenpois0n being the best bet for everything else.

Whichever tool you decide to use, hopefully it won’t be too long until you’re jailbreaking your iOS 4.1 device at will!

SHAtter exploit iPod touch 4G



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